49ers vs. Saints Preview Can JT O'Sullivan maintain his impressive form when the San Francisco 49ers visit New Orleans? Charley Casserly and Jason Horowitz break down the key matchups in the game.

5 Responses to “49ers vs. Saints Preview”

  1. MrSentia says:

    @Edgehead10075 Yeah the Niners blew it big time.Giving up 9 easy points in the first quarter was a killer.

  2. IkilledColMustard says:

    I usually cringe every time Alex Smith throws, but his passes were actually hitting his receivers in stride!! Brees passes were kind of off but he came through when it mattered..

    I’m not a moral victory guy, but props to Smith for keeping us in the game and not choking it..Brees just happened to get into his clutch moment and lead his team for the win. Their is a reason why he’s an elite QB! Hope Smith can bring that consistency and hopefully and finally become our franchise QB.

  3. Edgehead10075 says:

    The Niners should have won. Fucking turnovers! They controlled the game.

  4. joelsass says:

    injuries or not…49ers have a slim and none chance on taking a team like the saints.

  5. 100000137 says:

    this video was good

    this video was good Xb