Browns VS Saints Highlights

With a bluesy tune courtesy of New Orleans

The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints at the super Bowl we saw a commercial by the group "Focus on the Family" during the pre-show. It was about Heisman Trophy winner, quarterback Timmy Tebow. Feminists groups across the USA objected to CBS allowing the commercial even before it aired. The commercial was with Tim's mother, Pam talking about her son. See the feminist groups who are pro-abortion, not pro-choice feared what Mrs. Tebow might say during this commercial. When Mrs. Tebow was pregnant with Timmy, she was advised to have an abortion to save her life. Mrs. Pam Tebow made a pro-choice decision and her choice was life as she refused an abortion. Both mother and son survived the birth. Young Timmy grew to play football, quarterback for Florida State and earned the prestigious Heisman Trophy. The so-called pro-choice feminists are only pro-choice if the choice is an abortion. Because if the choice is life / birth, the abortion mills make no money. Here is the link to the commercial: Focus on the Family Tim Tebow Super bowl superbowl commercial Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints pre-show feminism feminist pro-choice pro-abortion pro-life propagandabuster propaganda buster abortion ugly broads roe vs. wade
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46 Responses to “Browns VS Saints Highlights”

  1. SimplifiedLover says:

    @trejo619 im no saints fan, i was just saying that they had a bad day

  2. 603xxg says:

    FUCKING CHEATERS. You think it’s just by coincidence that we lost to the worst team in the league AND they had TWO old saints. One who gave ALL offensive formations, (Mike Bell) and one who gave ALL the defensive formations. (Scott Fujita) I used to respect Fufita, but after seeing this, I couldn’t care less about the slime-ball.

  3. trejo619 says:

    @SimplifiedLover then we can also say that the colts in the superbowl, but you still bother with the who dat?

  4. SimplifiedLover says:

    damn the saints just a BAD DAY

  5. DaKing473 says:



  6. idreamofdws says:

    Great song! Whats Cleveland gonna do when the biggest baby in sports moves to Miami? We’re gona show HEART just like the Browns, just like when i went to the Browns game and WITNESSED Peyton Hillis running with four defenders hanging off of him, like a bull with his nuts rapped too tight with a rubber band… THATS what cleveland is about, Heart. On the coldest day in winter Hillis is gonna be running with poor linebackers just hanging off him. Come on, tell me this team is not FUN to watch!!!!

  7. gtaclevelandcity says:

    WHO DAT?
    -The Browns.

  8. BowendaBeast says:

    Too bad the Longhorns suck this year, I am so happy for Colt McCoy and also Vince Young for doing so well this year. Keep it up Colt, you’ll win a championship someday partner!! Since the Boys suck too, I think I’m going to become a Browns fan now.

  9. SuperbSwine says:

    i hate both of them but i hate the saints. Thank you Cleveland

  10. hankhhh12 says:

    This game really made the whole season. I’m happy thy beat the defending champs and whooped that ass.

  11. ziccoo123 says:


  12. comton7000 says:


  13. comton7000 says:

    YEEESSS gooo BROWNS , fuck up windbag the poster boy & his gimmick team UP!!!!!………..GO BROWNS YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!

  14. TheNmills says:

    The songs “Cold wind in Cleveland” By the Dead Guy Blues

  15. gripgetter says:

    i could jus’ watch this game over and over again
    let’s go BROWNS…it’s a cold day in Cleveland baby…lol…who made that song???

  16. jcb6437 says:


  17. RockinBassPlayer3 says:

    Yeah! Go Browns! I love Hillis and McCoy is doing well too. I’m happy that Wright finally did something also!

  18. rac2825 says:

    awesome game too bad i missed it my sisters made me go walking with them damn!! GO BROWNS!!!!

  19. italy9top says:

    go hodges

  20. italy9top says:

    here we go brownies here we go who! who!

  21. liverzianirulez says:

    GO BROWNIES GO!!!! from Italy!!!

  22. travitheMuffinMan says:

    @Joe402 Well unlike Saudi Arabia, this country is not ruled by Sharia law, which calls for homosexuals to be executed. Even though we conservatives are opposed to gay marriage, we still see executing someone because they’re gay as barbarian.

  23. olli19800 says:

    @T800System agreed

  24. T800System says:

    I’m not going to even bother arguing why this video is wrong on so many levels…

    propagandabuster exercise some pro choice and kill yourself for the good of humanity or at the very least never have kids we dont need you spreading your degenerate dna into the gene pool

  25. andrews1195 says:

    @MasterOfSparks That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard someone say.

  26. MasterOfSparks says:

    Can anyone understand what this guy is saying? He talks like he’s got a pen1s in his mouth. Even when you can understand him for a sentence or two it just sounds so stup1d there’s no way to follow it. He appears to be some kind of Christian in which case one has to wonder why he thinks God wants him to talk like that. Maybe its so nobody will listen to him.

  27. MasterOfSparks says:

    Can anyone understand what this guy is saying? He talks like he’s got a dick in his mouth. Even when you can understand him for a sentence or two it just sounds so stupid there’s no way to follow it. He appears to be some kind of Christian in which case one has to wonder why he thinks God wants him to talk like that. Maybe its so nobody will listen to him.

  28. J43fan says:

    a couple things about this video. #1 he didnt play for florida state (they wish) he played for Florida. 2ndly its not “pro choice” its pro death. Thats a pretty cool thought on how abortion is aborting itself i just hope its true. all in all good video…..

  29. PrinceBishop3 says:

    Please say ‘Reeeeeeealy’!

  30. Nocturnuz says:

    Lol the commercial was ment to be pro-life.
    So don’t give me all that pro-choice bull, that’s not what the commercial was promoting. Otherwise the pro-lifers instead of the pro-choicers would be complaining wouldn’t they? This is not busting propaganda, it’s pushing it.

  31. AJWSimmonds says:

    Firstly, I have to say that there is no such thing as pro-abortion. This implies that these people want to abort all babies or something. Indeed, such a notion would be foolish. There are simply people who believe in pro-choice, ie. parents may have the choice to abort OR NOT, and pro-life, ie. abortions are entirely abolished.

    Secondly, your distorted logic of “the aborting of abortion”… just sit down for a little while and really think about it. That’s all I’m saying.

  32. anikinippon says:

    Yea, it’s funny because most non-believers are stereotyped as all being pro-choice. I understand why, alot of them are, I don’t know a single non-believer personally that is pro-life to be honest. I think the stigma that pro-life has to be a religious position pushes people away from it, that and the feminists indoctrination of this country.

  33. DMAC211990 says:

    The reason they were upset with CBS is because it gave the Pro-life stance a platform where they (CBS) previously refused to give such a platform to either group (Pro-life or Pro-choice). That’s where the conflict arose.

  34. PropagandaBuster says:

    It is a Compaq.

  35. redcat608 says:

    Tony, are you using a Mac computer? I’m just curious and wanted to know.

  36. wittumy says:

    usag…sweetie please show me any bill or moverment by liberals to ABOLISH:
    freedom of speech, religion, press or baring arms.

  37. wittumy says:

    usag… state that those women don’t get married to the fathers of their children so they can get more welfare. How much more money a month do they receive? How long can they stay on welfare?

  38. wittumy says:

    usag…ones’ sexuality is their own business not yours or mine. Sorry but liberals aren’t the only ones who have babies out of wedlock, abortions or act promiscuously….conservatives have their libidos too.
    You have the right to choose a life without sexuality if you wish. The great majority of people on this planet enjoy sex and will have sex. We need to find ways to lower if not eliminate unwanted pregnancies…whether that makes people hornier or not.

  39. wittumy says:

    usag….if teen pregnancies were eliminated I would be fine if Planned Parenthood would close its doors….I doubt that they would though.
    When did I call you lazy?
    I do care about women acting irresponsibly as well as men acting that way but ones sexuality is their business. I’m for sex ed, contraceptives and the morning after pill.
    Are you saying that a baby is paying the consequences for their actions sweetie?

  40. wittumy says:

    usag….I’ve many many friends who did grow up in the public school system who are doing better than I am. I know many whose children are in them now and are excelling. It’s insulting to the many children and educators in our system to trash them as you do.
    Everyone in this great country of ours has access to a great education. If you want private schools and college…you’d better get to work sweetie.

  41. USAGymnast says:

    But you’ve never been through the public school system, so of course retards like you would think that it’s a great system and that it doesn’t trap young people.

    Funny how you claim that people aren’t trapped if they don’t have enough money to send their kids to a private school.

  42. wittumy says:

    @USAGymnast ….sweetie….my parents as well as my wife and I CHOSE TO PAY for our children to go to private schools. You are not trapped at all. You have the exact same choice.
    I have many friends whose children have gone through our public school system and excelled…one in particular a brilliant young marine. To suggest our country’s school system traps our young is an insult….why am I surprised?

  43. daveassanowicz says:

    Give this guy a radio show!!!!

  44. USAGymnast says:

    So much for you liberals claiming to care about poor children when you want to keep them trapped in government schools.

    No surprise that liberals think that poor people are only good for welfare programs.

  45. USAGymnast says:

    But meanwhile you’re bigoted towards Christians, conservatives, capitalists, and other groups of people who want to get married.

    But they aren’t one of your special interest groups, lol.

  46. USAGymnast says:

    But liberals would consider you a heartless person for not respecting her right to choose, lol.