Cowboys Hand Saints First Loss

Dallas jumps out to a big lead and holds off a fourth quarter comeback bid to hand the Saints their first loss of the season Saturday night. (Dec. 20)
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25 Responses to “Cowboys Hand Saints First Loss”

  1. sanjacraven36 says:

    Fuck the saints!

  2. blackandgold51 says:



    This is not no freakin’ pissin’ contest about which team has more Super Bowls between the 2, the ones that say’s about their team having more Super Bowls(especially from way in the past)than the other team that has a new one(or ones) can;t live with the fact that their team has been crap for a while(or over a decade in this case).

  3. blackandgold51 says:


    “if yall win again like I said if not you have to say yall were a fluke”.

    The Saints Super Bowl win was fluke? Look Dammit the Saints Super Bowl win is IN THE HISTORY BOOKS for a LONG TIME.

    Anf if the Saints Super Bowl win was a “fluke” then so is the Cowboys Super Bowl win back in 1996 against the Steelers win Steelers QB Donnell gave ya’ll those interceptions.

  4. dessertcoffin04 says:

    @datcreole08 Thats cool. Talk your shit fuck stick, and we will see in the end of week 17, and we will find out who will make the playoffs, and who will win the superbowl. I bet your ass Falcons take thar NFC South Division against yall.

  5. datcreole08 says:

    ROLFLMAO yall 1-2 rite now muthafuka, and have no chance of making the playoffs, yall lost to the Foreskins, and da Bears. U COWBITCHES crack me up when u think yall gonna be in the superbowl in Dallas.

  6. dessertcoffin04 says:

    @datcreole08 Oh if yall win the superbowl this year again I will send your ass a 100.00. and I apoligize to you ok, if yall win again like I said if not you have to say yall were a fluke, and yall finally won a superbowl out of 44 years out of yalls pathetic existance.

  7. dessertcoffin04 says:

    @datcreole08 Hey loser how long yall been in the NFL like 1966 and took yall fucking 44 years to win the superbowl yall are 1 and done, cant wait to see Brees get hurt since hes on that maden cover cuz of that maden curse. Hope it be on thanksgiving day in our awesome stadium compare to the Saints shitty stadium like last year. Dont get mad when we kick yalls ass on thanksgiving day while you eat that turkey son. lol

  8. jrvm1994 says:


  9. blackandgold51 says:


    This is not no competition about which team has the most Super Bowls.

    And that “our team got more super bowls” crap is just what Cowboys fans be saying too.

    I don’t get it, when the other teams like the Rams and Buccaneers won their 1st SB’s almost everyone didn’t trash talk them, but when the Saints gets into the picture of having won their 1st SB here comes the trash talk.

    And wasn’t the Steelers a LOSING TEAM FOR 40 YEARS b4 they had their very 1st Super Bowl trophy.

  10. blackandgold51 says:


    How such a double standard by you?

    You say it’s not okay for us to talk about a games from 15 years ago yet you Cowboys fans talk about Super Wins from the past.

  11. MortalTerritory says:

    cowboys going all the way!

  12. jeffhardyisdabest345 says:

    ok thats six times out of how many times we beat u guys. see saints are good but not as good as the cowboys

  13. opi933 says:


    Dude regular season games don’t count Unless it’s a shocker like we shocked you in ur undefeated season, why are you guna count games from 15 years ago? Because u can’t back up ur crap

  14. blackandgold51 says:


    1993,1998,1999,2003,2004 and 2006.

  15. jeffhardyisdabest345 says:

    @blackandgold51 im going to end it now. ok the saints beat the cowboys in 2006 wow. but i bet u cant name another time off the top of your head when the AINTS beat the cowboys without looking it up.

  16. opi933 says:

    You Faints fans cant compare one stupid trophy to our 5. The Faints didnt deserve to go to the superbowl, if it wasnt for Favres mistake they wouldnt have gone to the bowl and would still have bags on their heads, but unlike you the cowboys won their playoffs and superbowls with skill, not luck, so try to argue against that Faints fans

  17. jeffhardyisdabest345 says:

    alrite you won a super bowl bout fucking time it took you guys this long to win or get to won. the cowboys dont put paper bags over their heads even the team may suck that year. you probably a fan till this year

  18. blackandgold51 says:


    Also, maybe you should read my comment very carefully by the way.

  19. blackandgold51 says:


    Well, you talk about the past on about ya’ll(inculding ya’ll SBs), we’ll talk about the past about us beating ya’ll.

    Fair enough?

  20. jeffhardyisdabest345 says:

    @blackandgold51 ok u guys r telling us not to talk about the past but look at you 42-17. wow now what happened to u guys now. u lost so get your head out of your ass.

  21. blackandgold51 says:


    Sometimes less is more.

    The Saints 1 Super Bowl trophy can go against any of the Cowboys past Super bowl trophies.

    And yeah, the Cowboys beat the Saints in the regular Season(2009 Season), but I don’t hear ya’ll talk about the beating the Saints put on the Cowboys back in 06′ in Dallas(42-17).

  22. jeffhardyisdabest345 says:

    u guys are all talking about how you guys won the super bowl. congratulations you guys finally won. when you guys were putting bags over your heads we were wooping the buffalo bills tail in the super TWICE. the COWBOYS were the one to end your perfect season. and by the way you guys letting us win against is the biggest amount of B.S. i have ever heard. u guys tried to come back but were stopped by D-Ware so stfu saints fans. i will congratulate you guys on your SB win though.

  23. opi933 says:

    wow 1 superbowl, when you reach 5 like us then you talk… probably will never happen in this lifetime, so WHO DAT FAINTS? U Cant stop Americas Team.

  24. hbqgz says:

    @IMakeHistory2 who won the super bowl?

  25. blackandgold51 says:



    And for you speaking of us booing our players what about that kicker from last season on that ya’ll had with the Cowboys after he almost lost the game for the Cowboys against the Saints?

    Ya’ll wanted him to leave Dallas while us Saints fans supported our kicker despite that he lost the game for us against the Buccaneers which he would’ve kept the Saints from going into overtime due to the miss field goal.

    Then, in the NFC Championship he won the game for us.