Saints vs Bucs Week 11 NFL

3rd Street Saints Club talks undefeated New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Bucs ....... 9-0 .....Best team in the league what you know about that?
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8 Responses to “Saints vs Bucs Week 11 NFL”

  1. thepriusisgay says:

    3:07 Imfao

  2. BioshockBand says:

    Great vids. Funny stuff!

  3. sharkyandmywheel says:

    dude you make good videos. i seriously prefer your analysis to espn or nfl network lol. completely agree with every thing you said. run defense seems to be the biggest problem to me right now with turnovers a close second but i have to say this-i dunno if anybody else has really taken notice of this, but this year (compared to the last 2) it seems to me like the D and O are playing more as one team instead of 2 seperate units at the crucial parts of the game, like they got each other’s backs.

  4. MrVoodoo71 says:

    Another great vid 3rd street . lets not forget that Darren Sharper and Jabari Greer out for the game. and lost Tracy Porter in the second half. but not for the year. Chris McCallister should sewe limited time. As usual turnovers will be the key and if front 4 puts pressure on Josh freeman he is gonna look like a rookie QB. Again 3rd Street we got a Victory cigar waitin on ya!!! WHO DAT!!!!!


  5. charliedog3d says:

    whodatfootball, i agree with you. We gotta attack early, score quick and play tight d-fence. Chris mcallister should be a nice addition to the saints roster. WHO DAT say they gonna beat them saints??????

  6. derik92893 says:

    haha funny at the ending!

  7. valeriehenriquez says:

    love ur vids were going 10-0 in tampa hope chris mcAlister show what he gots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT WHO DAT SAID THEY GONNA BEAT THEM SAINTS??? NOT THE bucs

  8. Whodatfootball says:

    Yeah… I still cant believe how bad we played. lol, Colston’s touchback, man. Tell you what, I really wanted to throw something at my television. I need a convincing win this weekend… we just need to beat the ever loving shit out of our divisional rival. That will make me feel better about last sunday, haha. Again… very entertaining video.