Saints vs. Chargers – London – Video Diary – PART 2

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - The long awaited NFL Review UK video diary of the NFL London game between the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. A great game that out performed last year by miles. We had a great time and cant wait to go back next year.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Saints vs. Chargers – London – Video Diary – PART 2”

  1. ddid1000 says:


  2. Zurrixia says:

    The world according to John Clease

  3. zippy476 says:

    Well….They are and they arnt told who to throw to. In the play there is a “primary receiver” that the play has been designed around. If the primary receiver is covered then the QB will check off to his next receiver and if that one is covered he will check off again. He will keep doing this while scanning the field until he either finds the open man, gets sacked, or throws the ball away.

  4. greatislandprod says:

    Ok, i cant wait to see you play next season.
    many formatiuons yes, but easy to understand cause they have numbers fto tell them how many in each posistion 442 433 424 all of those. relatviley easy. simple. but. I form 22 TE flip and even you can change that run play into different people doing different blockassignments and pre snap moves. you know what that means? No? then fuck off. i like football i just hate arragont twats like you that dont know what theyre talking about.

  5. warriorprince1010 says:

    Learning plays is not learning rules.

    In football their are many formations and they can all be played in many different ways.

    Gridiron has mere plays, set pieces like a corner or freekick.

    No tactics or styles of play in gridiron thats why it is so simple.

  6. greatislandprod says:

    Yeah sort it out.
    and in football, soccer, i learned the basic rules at the age of 5 in about 20 minutes, 19 mins of that was the offside rule. thats one of the wonders, but the QB has to work out who to pass too, taking into account the coverage. and you said 30 plays max to learn. i played 5 a side football and i learnt that many.

  7. NFLreviewUK says:

    They are not told who to throw to.

  8. warriorprince1010 says:

    OB are told who to throw to, hardly creative.

  9. greatislandprod says:

    Im British, and i love these games coming over, only chance to see a live game. if they bring two games over, il like it, but you guys wont. For the rumors the superbowl will be played, i even thinks thats over the top. I respect you loose a game, but to me, we gain alot to see the amazing sport.

  10. greatislandprod says:

    Quarterbakc has to decide who to throw to and how to react to the pressure around him, and seeing the pressure of the guys comign towards him, he can isntantly rechonise who would be open, all in about a second.

  11. greatislandprod says:

    You count?
    I saw empty seats at the wembley cup. and they were ALL on sale, in the nfl they dont put them on sale cause if your at the same height as the players yyou see jack shit.
    I like football, im british, but i hate your ignorance, i got friends who thinks football better, but respects what i like.
    this is coming from someone with the username warriorprince.

  12. greatislandprod says:

    fucking get your facts right before you get a point of veiw on something.
    22 ice 22 dive, i formation, pro set, wishbone flex bone, t formation. all took me a whole YEAR to understand. Dwain chambers played an easy posistion, in the tactical front, you remember a few routes by number, and understand when to block or to run, and a man with his speed could grasp it. Quarterback has to know EVERYTHING about the sport, the routes, the formation, the runs, the clock managment. sort it out.

  13. THawkoo says:

    That’s my boy!

    Repping the Panthers.

  14. warriorprince1010 says:

    I agree these yanks need to accept history and move on.

    This is a gridiron video, I see no football on here.

  15. aceofspades1092 says:

    how the hell are you having a debate on World War II, on a football video. Hahahaha, thats kind of funny.

  16. aceofspades1092 says:

    not only do you need to know every play offence and defence, your footwork needs to be perfect, the way you hold the ball, and through it, not only with your amr, but with your body. Oh and the pressure, all eyes are on you every time your out there. As well as the time, step back and through, if you dont your face is in the terf. you try being a QB then talk.

  17. shadowmwo says:

    lol when they came out of the wrong tunnel , the saints. 3:20

  18. mhschirling says:

    you have got to be the stupidest person ever . if playing qb in the nfl is so easy, why dont you go out and do it? if its so easy, why do teams have trouble finding guys to pay millions of dollars to and perform well? you could be a multi millionare right now. go try out at qb for an nfl team and see how embarrassed you are. they would laugh your shit-mouthed ass back to london, or wherver the fuck your dumb ass is from. fuck you and your “football” long live american football.

  19. Crizzle789 says:

    20 or 30??? Again try 500. The playbooks they recieve are 6 inches thick.

    And the reasons are top guys are rejected at your football is because no one cares about it. When David Beckham came to play for whatever team he joined, people were more interested in his friendship with Tom Cruise than his playing ability.

    And no skill in our football? Lol everything is down to a science, players can make or lose millions off something as simple as how well they turn their hips.

  20. warriorprince1010 says:

    What skill is there in learning maybe 20 or 30 plays? Anyone can do that.

    In football you need to memorise plays and it takes 10 years to elarn the basics at football. Hence why your top guys have been rejected by football and found it too hard,

  21. Crizzle789 says:

    Oh god this is pathetic, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    QB is the toughest position in ANY sport period.

    Try learning 500 plays of not only your assignment but the other 10 players as well. Then try learn what the defense is going to do, then change the play to if you don’t think the original one will work.

    Try finding an open Wr in 3 seconds, and getting the ball to him. When I mean open, I’m saying he only has a 1 step lead from the defender.

  22. warriorprince1010 says:

    Gridiron is a very basic simplistic sport.

    The QB is a very basic position he only learns one skill.

    Gridiron will always be a fall back sport fro guys who fail at their first choice sport.

  23. Crizzle789 says:

    Football is the most strategic sport in the world, and no skill? Are you stupid? The NFL QB has the hardest position in all of sports, that is not even arguable if you know anything about the sport.

    Your football is what the queers in this country get off on when gay porn is not available.

  24. warriorprince1010 says:

    Day light bombings was dangerous, hence why you guys fought for only a few years yet lost far more troops. Poor tactics.

    The UK saved themselves.

    The US would be under nazi rule fit he UK had cut a deal with Hitler.

  25. polytechvirginia says:

    If you destroyed Hitler’s air force, then why was the Royal Air Force too pussy to carry out daylight bombing raids into Europe, instead leaving it to the Americans? As I said, your queen would be accompanied by an SS guard everywhere she went if we had not bailed your sorry nation out.