Saints Win NFC and we JAM!!!!!!

New Orleans Saints win NFC championship and we jam on it!!! Kaleb Lambert, Bobby Lambert, Nicholas Lambert, Chris Brandt and Bob Lambert Sr. play when the saints go marching in, taps (for ole Brett Favre, much love!) and a second line! WhoDat!?!?!?!?

25 Responses to “Saints Win NFC and we JAM!!!!!!”

  1. jameshaynes3 says:

    ur not a new orleanian if are against the saints

  2. jesus4you1 says:

    how embrassing hahhaaha lmao

  3. WHODAT190 says:

    LMAO to the person who said they would CALL THE COPS!. This is New Orleans! they don’t care.

    What else kinda place would do this?

  4. tbuilding says:

    That is awesome

  5. panapower1805 says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaterade! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaterade!

    guess what though… i saw the vince lombardy trophy on st. charles avenue last night on the hands of the NOLA Saints Coach.

    I hope you like fruits cause i’m gonna ask ya… how you like them apples, haterade!?!

    WHO DAT!

  6. deemic says:

    Actually the entire country knows that they the Saints backed in because of poor officiating. Biggest fraud in Superbowl history. Not much to hang your hat on. Still the Aints as in Aint Legitimate. Guess you’ll take it however you can but don’t expect the rest of the country to be happy for a team that couldn’t win on their own merit.

  7. RanmaSa0t0me says:

    way to be a proud shining example of a poor sport and a poor fan. you sir shame every true fan of the sport. instead of congratulating a team for beating the odds and defeating some of the best teams back to back to back to do it, you want to whine & complain because your team lost. not only do you whine & complain you make excesses of why they lost. no one got cheated. it was an unbelievably amazing game w/ the vikings! But the saints won hands down. grow up, be a man,enjoy the sport. WHO DAT!?

  8. panapower1805 says:

    wha wha wha! Black and Gold won the super bowl, better sing it now.

  9. dude2die4 says:

    @panapower1805 tbh.. i didnt really care who won that game i only cared because the saints cheated the vikings

  10. panapower1805 says:

    @wichitafallssnow wow, do a little research on the term who dat, Adolf H.

  11. panapower1805 says:

    @dude2die4 really? where you at, now? holla if ya hear meh!

  12. panapower1805 says:

    @dude2die4 where you @ now??? come on out bandwagoner and join that who dat nation. C’mon Son.

  13. McKnoot says:

    Im a Vikings fan but the Moment of Silence was fucking hilarious.

  14. TheDaveonaWave says:

    wichitafallssnow…..ur messed up…..Tiocfaidh ár lá

  15. LCSlade says:

    Looks like fun! We’re not done yet either . . . WHO DAT!!!

  16. ditsterz says:

    wichitafallssnow u are a racist idiot. why are u so obsessed with people of New Orleans?

  17. wichitafallssnow says:

    It is good to see white people in New Orleans, wow i didnt know you were there..Any way what the hell is “who dat” this is obviously a Black tern come on look in the mirror your white… White people say stuff like “Were Fuckin going to the Fuckin Super Bowl Bitch” and we will win.. SEE Now play some Metallica and try again… Love the house… What you going to say if you lose ? “Screw That” Remeber, it aint over until it’s over…
    God Bless Houston,Tx White Power



  19. gumbo70124 says:

    You guys were awesome! Loved it! Y’all should play at half time- not the Who!

  20. DJKhrome says:

    Blowing taps for Brett-that was cold blooded!! LMAO!!! You guys are good!

  21. camtu1017 says:

    LOVED IT!!!!!!

  22. axewoman1 says:

    wonder if the nfl is going to send you guys a order to decrease for saying whodat and playing the Saints lol…..
    who cares about the nfl
    keep it up Whodats

    cajun whodats in Monee IL.

  23. oct2988 says:

    dude2die4 its going to be a grudge match since both teams had great records this year but who knows who is going to win from a pats,colts,eagle,pittsburgh, and die hard cowboy fan and if the colts don’t win then you’ll get them next time

  24. jsimon122 says:

    Holy Shit I think I saw these guys at Tulane?

  25. Dankidus says:

    Even tho thru regulation the vikes had more calls go their way? lol

    dude I saw vikes commit holding calls thru the game that the refs didnt call, one or 2 were even pointed out by the announcers when they were replaying some plays.

    The only bad call i saw was probably a 1 & 10 PI call in overtime