Saints Win Super Bowl 44 — Live — Jim Henderson Predicts — Shockey, Porter, Brees Deliver

Shot from Section 402 of Dolphins Stadium, Saints win Super Bowl 44 through sweet play-calling and amazing execution. Enjoy it Live from the stands. The video starts with the bold, if tongue-in-cheek, prediction by Jim Henderson, play-by-play announcer for the Saints, of a Super Bowl victory -- in August 2009!
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11 Responses to “Saints Win Super Bowl 44 — Live — Jim Henderson Predicts — Shockey, Porter, Brees Deliver”

  1. kbcanyon says:

    I hope they go to the superbowl again!!!

  2. blackrosedduck says:

    WE DAT

  3. emilyitsme43 says:

    I wish that i could have been there! GO SAINTS!

  4. barrysgrl74 says:

    mawmaw came to join you wednesday. I hope she gave you every detail of the game.

  5. barrysgrl74 says:

    they did it pawpaw. for all those sundays you made us get to the DOME at 8am– we raised a glass to you. we opened that bottle of champange you bought in 1966 when you said you would open it when they won the Superbowl. Best-worst tasting champange ever.

  6. lash22205 says:

    thanks mr. henderson i love hearing you call the saints game way better than any tv announcers any day. WHO DAT?!?!

  7. Dankidus says:

    very good vid :)

  8. Saints104 says:

    So Great!!!

  9. oct2988 says:

    @Sydalee123 not even the world even though the other side of the world doesn’t give a f about our sport but when they saw the saints win the super bowl the were probably shocked who dat

  10. KStewartFanFeed says:


  11. Sydalee123 says:

    Dad, nobody will ever forget this–WHO DAT!!!!