Saints Win Superbowl!!! 31-17

New Orleans Saints WIN Super Bowl XLIV over Indianapolis Colts 31-17. February 7, 2010 WHO DAT! WHO DAT! WHO DAT! WHO DAT!

25 Responses to “Saints Win Superbowl!!! 31-17”

  1. duochickz says:

    best night ever to be in the who dat nation!!!

  2. kruc1al says:

    colts fkn blow.

  3. mopoman0 says:

    @IshaMae100 i’ve got no idea i was probably drunk course i dont really remeber writing that comment :O

  4. kevinorkayvan says:

    @Superpepsiman20 nice job thats awesome

  5. DetroitTigers18 says:

    The steelers don’t have cheerleaders. Queers!

  6. IshaMae100 says:

    @mopoman0 wth tht suppose to mean?

  7. mopoman0 says:

    miracle my ass it was obvious from the very beginning that the Saints would win! BLACK AND GOLD TO THE SUPERBOWL!

  8. onlygeradway says:

    WHO DAT?! ^_^

  9. Superpepsiman20 says:

    4:48 look at the clock it is stopped on 0:44 in the 4th Qtr. the Saints was founded in 1966 44 years before. they just won Super Bowl 44. Just thought that was kinda neat.

  10. HimynameisDutt says:

    requiem for a dream music! freak yeah!

  11. chocolate11710 says:

    Normally I would hate music on a video but this one just natched so much to the video and I don’t even know why but it’s just si awesome

  12. InsaneRocker90 says:


  13. VAASU62 says:


  14. futureshocker says:

    @aurore7684 The best birthday present ever!

  15. rudylexi8 says:

    Superbowl 45 Saints vs Patriots book it

  16. barrysgrl74 says:

    I thought the best words I had ever heard in my life were “ITS A BOY” until I heard Jim Henderson say ” THE SAINTS HAVE WON THE SUPER BOWL”….. just kidding son.

  17. doctorj2u says:

    It was at this moment I was able to let go of the pain of Katrina. Thank you Saints, as always, you were there for us. Tracey Porter, pointing his finger to the New Orleans fans in the the end zone. “For you! For you New Orleans.” I will never forget!

  18. mashinmonkey1 says:

    aww memories we will never forget

  19. Tauronic says:

    @chris23618 if u feel that way then why the hell are you watching this??

  20. cheater5522 says:

    If you look up choker in the dictionary u will see a picture of Peyton Manning

  21. Shame3232 says:


  22. chris23618 says:

    screw saints

  23. MJSpiritual says:

    I think Giants vs Patriots was the best superbowl of all time but this was still a damn fine superbowl congrats to Saints.

  24. kb52418 says:

    who cares about either of those teams, RAIDERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. idropbombes says:

    One of, if not THE best superbowl I have ever witnessed in my lifetime!