Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees visits the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom Philharmonic Band came marching down Main Street, USA, this morning behind New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He was riding in a pewter convertible with Mickey Mouse, waving to cheering fans. But hed earned the ride and the adulation Sunday night by marching the Saints to a 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. Video shot and edited by Jimmy Strater.
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11 Responses to “Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees visits the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World”

  1. alianasimons says:

    I love you Drew.! You are the man……

  2. MikeG82 says:


    so why did the saints lose to the bears the year after katrina?

  3. MikeG82 says:


    uh no the saints won the super bowl 4 years after katrina, please enough of the “destiny” nonsense

    if they were “destined” they would’ve beaten the bears in the nfc title game in 06

  4. yamere2 says:

    @scorejason omg thats like the sAME THING I KEEP TELLING EVERYBODY….. the nfl is like the wwe everything is planned and well thought out before every game , show, and season…. thats why bret farve looked mad right before the game he knew it was over

  5. camp4181 says:

    All of us here in Louisiana are so very proud of Drew and all of the New Orleans Saints! They are men of character and great talent! This could not have happened to a nicer´╗┐ group of young men and coaching staff. WHO DAT!

  6. scorejason says:

    after 9/11 the “Patriots” win the Super Bowl. After Hurricane Katrina and Disney releases a movie in New Orleans the “New Orleans” Saints win the Super Bowl.

    Things that make you go…Hmmmmm

  7. helloitsjp says:

    ya i know

  8. helloitsjp says:

    i know

  9. futureboy107 says:

    Why didn’t he just hang out with princess tiana she’s from new orleans

  10. WillyM79 says:

    congratulation Drew


    i love how the balloon got stuck in the tree in the backround during the interview