The New Orleans Saints Caged The Atlanta Falcons As The Playoffs Near

I've mentioned before that my best friend is an Atlanta Falcons fan.  It's really the only thing wrong with her in an otherwise perfect friendship going on more years than I care to count these days.  I give her credit though, she is currently in Europe and stayed up to watch the game and text with me in our usual style throughout the game.

What a game it was! 

I can jump right into the fact that we won, but it wasn't so easy.  Seeing as how they beat us in the Super Dome earlier in the season, we owed them this one.  Not to mention how desperate I am to win the last few games of the season as a Saints fan.

The first half was like watching a childhood game of hot potato.  You take the ball; no, you take it; really, I insist; no you take it; no, you...

We sent messages flying back and forth so fast, we sort of lost track of the conversation because the game was going nowhere.  The defenses were stacked tight and holding the line, while the offenses couldn't do a thing, except go three and out.

The texts started to include Christmas tales and her craving for lime flavored chips.

Chris Berman's halftime version of "Come on, Man" had us laughing pretty hard, even while my husband snored away.  Come the second half, it got pretty intense.

I sat amazed watching Drew Brees lose the ball as John Abraham tipped it over his head, managed to catch it, only to have Drew Brees tackle him and prevent another touchdown that might have cost us the game.  That's right, Drew Brees did the tackling, I mean he felled him by the feet, but I was still impressed by it.

The muscles in my body were strung so tight I swear my rear end turned into a lumbar pillow.

We held on, and as I watched the seconds ticking away, the texts slowed until I got a grumbled, "Congratulations."  Followed by her Facebook update to express how upset she was.  I understand, I was in her seat earlier this year. 

I've consoled her and spent the obligatory "mourning period" not talking about it, but now I'm back.

We actually have hope to possibly beat them out in the end for division title.  Well, OK, Atlanta has played far superior to us this year, but I like to stay optimistic.

As I pack to attend the Meineke Car Care Bowl this Friday, which happens to be at the Bank of America Stadium where the Carolina Panthers play, I start wondering. 

Atlanta plays them for the last game of the season.  How much inspiration can I sneak in the locker rooms to get them to actually beat the Falcons?

The little idea bubble grows over my head.  I love you, Girly-Bird, but you're going down.

Thank you Saints for making my holidays merrier!


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