The Saints Are Coming

Pictures and Video Clips with The Saints Are Coming, by Greenday + U2, in the background
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25 Responses to “The Saints Are Coming”

  1. huszti15 says:

    @Reapent yea gotta love this team!

  2. Reapent says:

    @huszti15 the saints have fans in Canada too, I live in Orleans, ontario go saints baby

  3. tbell780 says:

    @haydenoberg hell yea but to bad they chouldent win it undefeted i thought they whould

  4. haydenoberg says:

    @tbell780 they did go to the superbowl and they won it

  5. Viking445 says:

    @nodozz2 I grew up in Louisiana so which team do you think is mine?

  6. nodozz2 says:

    @Viking445 Your team getting sent home made me laugh…

  7. Viking445 says:

    LOL that shit made me laugh so damn hard!

  8. tjskate91997 says:

    man the hurrican is what fucked emm up but it dont matter now man who dat go saints

  9. jbr1074 says:


  10. DukeNukem96 says:

    my team has always been the saints SUPERBOWL

  11. dayofthedead55 says:

    @bleedn4u Who DAT NFC CHAMPS BUT NO 16 -0 But The Super Bowl Title is More Inportant Then Some Unbeaten Record ..

  12. buff15 says:

    WTF is Aaron Brooks on Here LOL

  13. TheRod7991 says:

    and get wrecked by da ravens

  14. robmangame says:

    go dallas for life

  15. J3R420 says:

    Pats….? Give me a fuckin’ break. Brady tha biggest crybaby in the NFL, and Bellachek couldn’t say a word when we MMMMURDERED them.

    WHO DAT 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. lilweezyana346 says:

    fuckin right baby!!!!!

  17. RJUnknown says:

    from Pittsburgh, PA, GO SAINTS!

  18. LSUtigaz07 says:

    fuck you viking. I hope you liked that ass whoopin we put on y’all. WHO DAT!!! 13-0!!!

  19. Dadude0908 says:

    You obviously didn’t see the Pats get that ass handed to em’ couple weeks back. Go Pats……..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…please

  20. 61vikingRG says:

    fuck the saitns go pats

  21. bleedn4u says:

    unstoppable 16-0 Who Dat!!!!!!

  22. MrBcBoy says:



  23. thunderstruck8780 says:

    Saints Pulled it off….

  24. naterboy1 says:

    WHO DAT 16-0 go all the way not just16–0 but 19-0

  25. dizzyvk says:

    BEWARE N.E., it’s not just the great N.O. Saints you guys have to meet on Monday night but the great & LOUD Saints Fans !!! 10-0 Whoopie !!!!