The Saints Are Coming… To a Crawfish Boil?

Here's a little introduction to my other group of friends other than the "NOLA Crew"... Saturday, January 13, 2006, The New Orleans Saints hosted their very first Divisional Playoff game... Being we are (and have been, even when they sucked) diehard Saints fans, we took this opportunity to eat crawfish, drink lots of alcohol, and watch our beloved Saints put it to those douchebag Eagles... ...also, this is me finally experimenting with my video editing software.

17 Responses to “The Saints Are Coming… To a Crawfish Boil?”

  1. TheBlackWesleySnipes says:

    haha. yeah. we (me, peppito, joe, ygwyg, stubbs) all grew up about an hour south of NOLA. That area is VERY cajun. NOLA is a mixture of many different heritages and almost two hours from the Gulf… but its still known as the cajun capital of the world…

  2. onceyougoatee says:

    Huh, I thought NO was on the coast. I just google mapped ya’ll and got me a little learnin. There’s quite a lot of LA south of NO. I doubt I’ll actually have the money to visit for years, but New Orleans is one of the first places I’ll go if I can ever afford it. I guess that geography bee I won in fourth grade was undeserved. Oh well.

  3. TheBlackWesleySnipes says:

    heh. yeah, it was depressing yesterday, but the more I think about it, the brighter the future seems… Reggie Bush… man, he killed as a rookie, just imagine what he’ll do when he gets comfortable…

    and for good cajun food, you have to a little further south than NOLA… just let us know if you come down.

  4. onceyougoatee says:

    Yeah, I saw the Saints get stomped by Chicago. Sorry dude, I was rootin’ for the NOLA crew home team. Maybe next year. And just to warn you, one day I’m going to visit NO and when I do, one of ya’ll is gonna have to show me where to find the best cajun food in the city. I’ve always wanted to go to a crawfish boil. At least I have my pig pickins to hold me over.

  5. sherryhumikowski says:

    O.k…sorry to rub in the fact that my hometeam (Chicago Bears) have just beaten y’all! :) But if it wasn’t going to be them I’d want the Saints to win…you guys deserve it after all the devastation. Loved the editing! Very cool…5 stars

  6. speppers says:

    you should have seen ME watching it! i don’t even like watching football unless i’m in the stadium…WHEW! good game!

    and why was this like watching a really gay music video? loser.

  7. TheBlackWesleySnipes says:

    haha. i know the feeling. January 4, 2004 will be a day i’ll never forget (LSU vs. Oklahoma in the BCS championship).
    I don’t know if its because the saints normally suck, but i’m freaking out… butterflies man, butterflies…

  8. moe29 says:

    Woot! Go Saints!! You should have seen my watching the National Championship game… talk about nerves! Watching a game on TV can be so nerve racking. I like to be there, screaming my guts out and jumping all around : )

  9. Kedoke says:

    cool! have fun! (and share some of the fun with the Tube!)

  10. TheBlackWesleySnipes says:

    definately! This weekend will be nuts!

  11. Kedoke says:

    nice video — can we expect more footage from this weekend??

  12. captainpeppito says:

    geed makes me happy!

  13. bullseye30378 says:

    I get that alot. We just got electricity which beats the hell out of finding someone to run on the treadmill while I cruise YouTube for hours. I’m only a part yankee, dad’s side is from E Texas & he was born in Shreveport. I wish I got down that way more.

  14. TheBlackWesleySnipes says:

    Montana? people really live there? No way!
    i’m sure airfare from Montana would be ridiculous… yankees…

  15. bullseye30378 says:

    New Orleans has a ball team? Like a pro ball team? j/k Keep the vids coming, man. But no more food, OK. Every time I see one of y’all really cooking it makes me wanna jump on a plane. You have any idea what airfare from Montana is? Man I can’t afford that.

  16. TheBlackWesleySnipes says:

    yeah, it was awesome.
    I wanted to get a shot of the crawfish, but my camera needs 1.5 suns right behind it to have enough light to film anything…
    we had ample light to eat, just not enough to record anything.

  17. mredddogg says:

    Good video, just wished we could of seen the food when it got done. I bet it was awesome.