Blue & Green (Seattle Seahawks Tribute 2011)

I'm a Washingtonian... I had had to put this up! lol Big ups to the Seattle Seahawks! Original Video credited to: "Blue and Green" by TNT The Natural Truth with Smiley G. Seahawks Beat Saints 41-35 in First Round of NFC Playoffs at Quest Field. Remix of "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa. More TNT at: DOWNLOAD THE SONG:
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25 Responses to “Blue & Green (Seattle Seahawks Tribute 2011)”

  1. legomanfan22133 says:

    GO HAWKS!!

  2. starnscot says:

    I’m proud of my SEAHAWKS!!! Carrolls first year and not only did we win the NFC West Championship, we beat the world champs. Can you imagine where we’ll be next year? Superbowl bound baby!!! We were never given a chance and we shoved that shit right back down their throats. See ya next year bitches!!!!!!!

  3. TheUnknown921 says:

    how can you find the lyrics?

  4. mike4bears54 says:

    da bears!!!!

  5. therunescapelover1 says:

    love it

  6. Chris206 says:

    yea nigga.. 253/206 in dis bitch.. blue and green all day cuz!

  7. DeionP25 says:

    blue and green

  8. DeionP25 says:

    go seahawks

  9. smileypigz says:

    I LUV U SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. VivaFC says:

    F*** BEAST!!! REppn the Hawks from the Big O, nebraska!! Every1 hating down here! KEEPN IT REAL IN THE HEARTLAND! GO HAWKS!!

  11. wahockeygirl1982 says:

    This is awesome!!! Go Seahawks!! Hawks fan for life!!! 😀

  12. 206Jonathan206 says:

    Can’t stop watching this. Awesome video.

  13. SweeterThanPinkCandy says:

    GET OFF ME!!

  14. jwka2001 says:


  15. brudog49 says:

    They just played this on Kube first they play half of black and yellow then they cut it in half and start playing the beginning of this song and Kube is the only one who plays it

  16. chrisp3244 says:


  17. jbiebernews94 says:

    @Wangabang328 shut the fuck up stop haten cuzz we rock hahaha bitch fuck you and get a fucking life

  18. henness425 says:

    KUBE please don’t play black & yellow son’g anymore on the air. there a new song out now call BLUE & GREEN : yeaaaaaaaaaaaa SEADAT WE ALL DAT

  19. henness425 says:

    send this song to KUBE get the CITY going for the playoff 2011

  20. henness425 says:

    yea SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, this song get me going. SEADAT “WHO” SEADAT WE ALL DAT

  21. TheShortsalepro says:

    Very good remake… New hawks anthem…

  22. bex0127 says:

    SEA HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Wangabang328 says:

    T.N.T. are from Chicago! FUCK DA BEARRS!! Check out BenniB’s version. He’s a homegrown 206 boy!!


  24. SHiiTTHaPPends says:

    i think i was the last 30 views what a great hour

  25. munchi11 says:

    Lovin it