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  1. Parahdoks92 says:

    I’m really getting tired of people saying, “Soccer has more culture and passion than American football…”

    You can’t say that. AMERICAN FOOTBALL is what it is called. NOT WORLD FOOTBALL. American football is played in where? AMERICA! Not Germany, not Afghanistan (our troops playing football for fun don’t count), not in Japan.

    You can’t compare a sport that’s been around the world for hundreds of years to a sport that’s been here for a century. This, to us is REAL PASSION. Don’t compare sports.

  2. missaddie42 says:

    Ooooo the comment I was quoting in my earlier comment got removed due to a low rating…NICE.

  3. missaddie42 says:

    @Torik1993 You obviously didn’t read my´╗┐ whole comment…I was quoting some dumbass who said that. AFTER I quoted them, I proceeded to tell them how stupid they were. Might want to read what people say before you criticize them. UGH.
    Hurricane Katrina had me in tears for weeks just so you know. My husband couldn’t pry me away from the TV, and it was all I could talk about. It absolutely broke my heart to see. Read my whole comment.

  4. Torik1993 says:

    @emig504 I AGREE

  5. Torik1993 says:


  6. Torik1993 says:

    you did not say that! i lost everything in hurricane katrina from the heart and soul of new orleans, dont say that because you dont know what its like to lose your home and everything you make of it, the saints and the new orleans citizens and fans of the saints all over the US derserved to win and witness the win od there first super bowl!!!
    WHO DAT!

  7. cg3091 says:

    @SoundsLikeAParty1 I’m really not sure how winning the superbowl then not even being picked #1 in power rankings would classify as being overrated.

  8. SoundsLikeAParty1 says:

    Drew Brees: Overrated Saints: Overrated i’d be shocked if they got anywhere near another superbowl next year

  9. emig504 says:


    actually fag we kicked the colts butt. I hope you get fucked up by a natural disaster you white trash mother fucking hick.

  10. zdigiovanni7 says:

    Go fuck yourself dude. That hurricane killed more people in one day than the total number of deaths your whole state saw in a year. So many people lost EVERYTHING they had to their name. That’s not even something to joke about. It was truly devastating to the people of New Orleans. There was no need for you to say that.

    You can say all the negative stuff you want, but when it comes to something like that, keep it to yourself asshole.

  11. dninc79 says:

    New Orleans is Party Capital if ya’ll haven’t noticed, you suppose to learn from those people out there, Notice how no one was harmed, no private property was destroyed, all you saw was smiles on faces of all colors binding together to celebrate, New Orleans have been showing the world how to have FUN for over 100 years.. thats why people still flock there, it’s not only a charming and romantic city it’s one of the happiest atmospheres around.. True there’s some crime but all cities got it.

  12. abmarinaraven says:

    you didn’t have to add the part about a hurricane. that’s just about the same as someone going tell you to watch your all of your loved ones to die before your eyes and live 100 yrs. IDIOT.

  13. Sunset1221 says:

    Oh, you mean DESTROYING property.
    Sorry,if that’s what you’re looking for
    we don’t PARTY DOWN like that here
    in N’Awlins ! We are the town that has
    Mardi Gras and we enjoy ourselves in a civilized manner.The people in N’Awlins
    have more passion in their little pinky than
    you have in your whole body.Now you want to see passion ,come to Mardi Gras this year.These people went through
    Katrina, have you??????? Don’t
    criticize .Who dat say we don’t have Passion Who Dat,Who Dat ?

  14. COLodii says:

    what a “culture” …
    I’m sorry but if Im honest .. theres no real passion as it is in europe with soccer ..

  15. cathleya says:

    @ChicoStateMarkyMark hahaha what was that?

  16. eureka0521 says:

    I bet this guy feels smart.

  17. hattrick116 says:

    Take another look at the game!

  18. DNDZOLLER says:

    @ChicoStateMarkyMark – Say that again, the Colts are going to what? WHOOOOOO DAAAAAAT!!!

  19. minneola24 says:

    they won

  20. jfranc16232 says:

    Who Dat !!! u need to get you facts straight

  21. LamboK28992 says:

    @brass138 all of that is good except obama

  22. NOLAinNOOGA says:

    This is how we celebrate- sorry you don’t know how to pass a good time in your parish, oh, county. We celebrate life, football, food, music, you see our celebrations-We taste our celebrations, just look at carnival,look at our Jazz Funerals for God Sake-all ages, colors, creeds,celebrate! The only way YOU would be able to celebrate like this ( if you could handle it) IS BY BEING HERE you’re NOT! WE ARE!!! eating it, drinking it, feeling it and loving it. GEAUX SAINTS! yeah u rite, missaddie42

  23. missaddie42 says:

    “go have another hurricane already”

    ….REALLY?!! You’ve just shown your lack of a SOUL by saying that. How distasteful and rude!
    I live in Indiana, and I’ve NEVER seen Colts fans THIS excited just about MAKING it TO the Super Bowl…this is about more than football, you weirdo. Whether the Saints win or lose, this is huge for us. So quit being such a jerk, and DON’T bring hurricanes into this. Show some decency.

    WHO DAT, baby!
    -Saints fan in Indiana :)

  24. brass138 says:

    Superbowl 44. Obama 44th prez…44 days between X-mas and Superbowl. Superbowl Sunday this year is exactly 4 years and 4 months since hurricane Katrina. The Saints won the NFC championship 4 minutes and 44 seconds into over time.Drew Brees has 4 hundred and 44 passing yards in the postseason. 2010 is the Saints franchises 44th year…FINAL SCORE WILL BE SAINTS 24 colts 20 WHO DAT BABY!!! WHO DAT!!!

  25. ChicoStateMarkyMark says:

    look at all those insta-fans hahaha

    go have another hurricane already

    the colts are going to smash you guys to the ground