Brett Favre interception by Saints Tracy Porter NFC Championship. Paul Allen’s Call

Brett Favre once again, throws a game losing interception.
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25 Responses to “Brett Favre interception by Saints Tracy Porter NFC Championship. Paul Allen’s Call”

  1. fuzzydoor says:

    he just wanted to go home and sext to girls, give him a break

  2. mesoawesomemeforprez says:

    This may not be Detroit but it also isn’t the superbowl…. Maybe the other guy was too scared to tell him?

  3. hondavtecc says:

    That announcer is a POS

  4. rolexx says:

    But why do you even ponder passing!!!! LOL! I love that announcer.

  5. Mr3Smileyy says:

    @2r3notgoodas1 because that was only his 8th pick that year

  6. mezzer99 says:

    At the end of the day Favre arrogantly believed his own legend and threw it all away.

  7. TheLockerzDude says:

    0:26 that announcer sounds so PISSED. He probably bet on the Vikings to win.

  8. shaochiavang says:


    yes, us packer fans had to put up with this BS everytime he plays. like in the 2007 NFC championship game !

  9. cco22inf says:

    Favre set that Vikings team back 3 years.

  10. chessarama says:

    Damn, that announcer was so emotional. I wish Joe Buck announed like that. He’d be more entertaining than being the cyborg that he is.

  11. TheFK93 says:

    wtf there in field goal range before that play all he had to do was run it down the middle throw the ball into the stands but he just throw the nfc championship away and possibly the nfl championship. u would think after 20 or so years in the nfl and after so many interceptions and 3 mvp. we wouldnt be that much of an idiot. man this makes me sick even though i am not a vikins fan and i was going for the saints. this is something an inexperienced player should do. man this will haunt vikins fans

  12. Vergadoce says:

    @HunterA5417 Cuz Detroit is the epitome of bad teams. Favre can attempt that pass against a team like Detroit and get away with it. Not in an NFC title game for the chance to go to the Super Bowl

  13. Frymaster318 says:

    @chisisawesome33 sydney rice copied Daren sharpers dance after he scored a Td earlier in the game that dumb Viking player lol

  14. HunterA5417 says:

    i dont understand the “this isnt detroit” reference

  15. SgtBlargThe6th says:

    i love how mad the announcer person got

  16. chrisisawesome33 says:

    tracy porter copied jared allens dance u cant do tht that dumb saints player

  17. hakutheicedemon says:

    lol this isnt detroit

  18. thedayplay says:

    @barrysgrl74 (As a vikings fan) I don’t think he was trying to hurt anyone, just a game against the lions isn’t a big game, where as the nfc championship is. You can’t get away with mistakes at this high of a level where you can make numerous ones and still win in Detroit.

  19. SexEdFilms says:

    But why do you even ponder passing??

  20. Number10pen says:

    @ajames00012 so theyll have a taste of the super bowl

  21. crazyjoel123 says:

    Brett Favre is turning to Jamarcus Russle!!!

  22. JackGeezy85 says:

    ha haaaaaaa porter did the jared allen

  23. barrysgrl74 says:

    @breezwonder that really was uncalled for. I’m a Saints die hard, but would NEVER insult another team like that. There is a differance between a little trash talk before ball games and professionalism. Who knows? Maybe in a couple years we’ll watch Detroit surprise the crap out of everyone.

  24. vishalb94 says:

    @ajames00012 its because its the only place where they have a shot in winning!! hahahaha

  25. LJH70122 says:

    That announcer really lost it . Maybe he should have retired five years ago , too.