Twitter New Jay-Z Superbowl commercial 2010

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25 Responses to “ New Jay-Z Superbowl commercial 2010”

  1. dsmith215 says:

    Jesus. Jay-Z is a monster.

  2. jkpraises says:

    this is way too amazing..

  3. sleepysmith11 says:

    jay does it big,a lie must always be exposed search sleepysmith11 on youtube for more info thanks….

  4. lions513 says:

    @rlev06 that was darren sharper leveling kevin faulk

  5. unkindly says:


  6. MyUnholy says:


  7. rlev06 says:

    who’s laying out that pats player @1:17 ?

  8. Gman81dawgs says:

    man when i that mp3 leak cumming out?

  9. kidfightthefire says:

    saints for live> Jay z Forever!!!!

  10. GoLAcityFD says:

    next year steelers!

  11. BlackMusic1080p says:

    Watch This Video in HD on my Channel + Mp3 & Video Download Links for Free…
    Allready 11.000 watches 😉

  12. marene600 says:

    loving the string instruments♥

  13. PronayEast says:

    go colts

  14. ravenseldon says:

    omg, this is so cheesy that even Michael Bay is now crying at home in pain…

  15. Refnir says:

    epic… and my friends say that orchestral music is boring lol

  16. NESHA71195 says:

    This song got me all pumped up before the game started!!…I loved it. Me and my brothers was like jumping all over the place when we heard this lol

  17. DVill77 says:

    This went straight on my playlist as soon as i heard it. What a way to get pumped for the Superbowl!!

  18. oshck says:


  19. TheStonerFTW says:

    Got the song up for download if anyone wants it. Just hit me up.

  20. WinztownNemesis says:

    Yesssss. That Shit had me PUMPED!!!!!! Lovin it

  21. Jondot12345 says:

    fuck is wrong with you fagget why did u even click on the link then pussy

  22. AaronDavis33 says:

    absolutly awesome, i went off when this came on. Got me pumped up for the superbowl

  23. sajac87 says:

    fuck jay z

  24. SharinganRebirth says:

    Had to save this on my favorite and I better rip/download it before YT takes it down.

  25. qnzi says:

    saw this commercial, and i uss had 2 see it again!!!!! thankz so much 4 finding it