Darren Sharper Post Game Super Bowl Interview

Mike Nabors interviews Saints Safety Darren Sharper about the Saints Super Bowl victory.
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11 Responses to “Darren Sharper Post Game Super Bowl Interview”

  1. ghoostnnn says:

    @hellacioushelen I absolutely agree, lol!!!

  2. hellacioushelen says:

    I got jubilated just watchin this interview!

  3. bigwhodat9 says:

    Repeat !!!!

  4. CajunLady05 says:

    Who Dat Baby will you marry me?

  5. nmartin761 says:

    OMG this man is so damn fine!!!!!!!

  6. nosaintfn says:

    When you win the SuperBowl you can be jubilated. When you win you can make up words. LOL

  7. lilmsai says:

    he has such a cute smile

  8. mmoore0325 says:

    much love to #42…but “jubilated”? Come on, D…

  9. TheRed30 says:


  10. TheTypicalGirl says:

    He’s jubilated!

  11. missca120 says:

    SEXY! Congrats to him and the saints. WHO DAT?