Drew Brees fires up the Saints – Part 3!

Here is the Drew Brees game chant shown on Fox right before the NFC Divisional game between the Saints and the Cardinals on 01/16/2010
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25 Responses to “Drew Brees fires up the Saints – Part 3!”

  1. hartnsoul84 says:

    I like that shit real talk

  2. Jcncl95 says:

    @alotMOREgoals its kinda stupid… they get the good chant they made.. all other teams get a crappy default one..

  3. banzaiguy123 says:

    didnt they use the we wanted to be special in madden nfl 11

  4. KCChiefsCallumTHE says:

    @Gamer2145 It’s a complement!

  5. alotMOREgoals says:

    lolz this is in madden 11

  6. benchmobb says:

    Our kids do this chant as a team break down.

  7. Gamer2145 says:

    @brianroc1 fuck u ur shit

  8. selfexplanitory says:

    @bigromy73 Ha! Good One! Let me start shopping for your OWN LIMITED EDITION “WHO DAT WHUPPED DAT BUT DAT BAD! DA SAINTS!” LOL

  9. bigromy73 says:

    @selfexplanitory i hear ya talkin playa;and when you wake up from that dream let me know LOL

  10. selfexplanitory says:

    @bigromy73 You know what? That sounds like a GREAT idea!!!!! I’m gonna try to make it there for that game. The rivalry is going to get more HEATED between the Cowboys and the Redskins too!

  11. bigromy73 says:

    @selfexplanitory i hear ya playa i tell you what wanna make a friendly wager? loser of the Saints-Cowboys game has to wear the winning teams’ jersey;
    you would lokk good in that Cowboy blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. selfexplanitory says:

    @bigromy73 I’m looking forward to that game in Dallas! WHO DAT!

  13. bigromy73 says:

    @cacguitarplayer i will say this i’m not really a saints fan but i will give them their props they did that and plus what the city went through when Katrina hit……….all i got to say is i hate the fact i wasnt in N.O. the night they won the Super Bowl (LOL) anyway congrats but lets see if they can do a repeat!!!!!!!!! (but they have to play my Dallas Cowboys in Dallas this time HE HE HE)

  14. swaggedat17 says:

    i kinda still don’t get it, can u explain a lil more please?

  15. cacguitarplayer says:

    it dont matter what the hell theyre saying, they won the superbowl!

  16. pimp03105 says:

    @RockLegend96 its a back and forth thing Bress says one they say two Brees says Win then then he goes three they say four Bress says Win til they get to ten

  17. 23NDleger says:

    @RockLegend96 go and watch MNF patriots@saints 2009 saints pregame chant sharper will tell you

  18. RockLegend96 says:

    What are they saying in the huddle?

  19. Hunkola says:

    Only my boy Breesy can fire up a team like this…..

  20. cecile0716 says:

    Saints are AWESOME!!!

  21. ruttysmith says:

    @MilesP777 …don’t u feel like a jack ass now?

  22. chevroletrulz08 says:

    one, two! win, for you! three, four! win, some more! five, six! win, for kicks! seven, eight! win, it’s great! nine, ten! win, again! win again! win again! win again!

  23. YourMumRatesMe1331 says:

    WHO DAT?!

  24. kristiansandboy says:

    What does brees say? remember how we got here today, beacuase we spelt greatness bescuase we want to be special?

    what more does he say??

  25. selfexplanitory says:

    LOL!!!! Keep chewing them sour cream, hating words bud! LOL WHO DAT!!!!