Drew Brees on Super Bowl

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees talks with Katie Couric about motivation and what the big games means to him.
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14 Responses to “Drew Brees on Super Bowl”

  1. charliecolts82 says:

    dont only reason people talk shit about peyton , is because everybody knows he’s on of the greatest QB’s

  2. jessethepiratehooker says:

    he is a man of faith and trust in God. that’s all he needs. dont hate.

  3. dreambrew says:

    Well if being a showoff means scoring more points than any other team, finishing 13-3, winning the superbowl, being a great team leader, and always involved in the community well, show off some more Drew.

  4. NEPatriots128154 says:

    @kdkbrebel yea 32 completions, no interceptions, and leading the offense to 24 points is really bad…

  5. kdkbrebel says:

    frew brees is nothing more then a showoff,the coach for new orleans and there defence won that game last night not drew brees,he is nothing without a defence payton manning has never had a defence like drews since he has been in the league, and im tired of the simpathy for new orleands people looks to me there doin better then most citys,so lets stop giving them moeny and focus in on putting people back to work instead of fixing up a city where they trash it every weekend !!

  6. jane5457 says:

    greatest anti-abortion commercial–Drew brees lifting up his baby boy afterwards…the baby looks just like him…a beautiful baby….

  7. ManUtdSean1990 says:

    Fucking adverts.

  8. colodude1 says:

    Congrats to the New Orleans Saints !!! Great game, well played by both teams but a long time coming and a well-deserved 1st win for the Saints franchise at the Super Bowl. Now celebrate your well-deserved victory. Great job by all players but especially QB/MVP Drew Brees.

  9. stonerbudkap says:

    Peyton Manning looks like Frankenstein. Congrats Drew.

  10. sosopitt says:

    What we needed. good guy.

  11. ulstermandc says:

    A great game and a great win. Congratulations Saints and New Orleans. You deserved this.

  12. travkeyes says:

    i want to blow him

  13. sliskescult says:

    congratulations, Drew, on your supernbowl win =D

  14. Bishop0313 says:

    Let’s Go Saints!!!