Fixing the Saints

Just a slideshow I put together to get everyone even more psyched for the upcoming 2006 season.

25 Responses to “Fixing the Saints”

  1. gomblin305 says:

    harper was a rookie in 2006

  2. waazup2 says:

    LMAO, we strong as eva now. We’re primed for a Superbowl run.

  3. FrankieGrasshoppa says:

    lets chat

    someone want to chat Mz

  4. afijany says:

    holy crap You haters are drinking too much haterade. goddamn. Good video, not as good as how to fix an nfl team.

  5. kyo221 says:

    saints are weak as hell but i got love for new orleans

  6. littlefish4321 says:

    Great choice on the song and great job of matching up the photos with the words. Definitely deserves an awesome rating. I don’t why this hasn’t gotten far more hits–it should be 1,000,000+.

  7. opighk says:

    and go donte stallworth

  8. opighk says:

    go saints go joe horn go aaron brooks and go reggie bush

  9. hugehockeyfan1233 says:

    buddy your so right saints rule

  10. wordonthestreetis says:

    pple say the Saints suck becasue they lost to the bears, thats just bull shit

  11. loubat97 says:

    bless you boys!!

  12. zack2452 says:

    I miss NO, fukn storm, now its filled with Mexicans out the ass.


  13. Jblake37 says:

    Do you know how I know Saints fans are gay? they like Coldplay

  14. jetguy123 says:

    lol saints lost suckers!!

  15. eahennin says:


  16. sgtdebbie says:

    Heart and Soul! They have it! They are Bringing it! Smiles!

  17. saturnalus says:

    “Fix You” by Coldplay

  18. rboep says:

    what song is this?

  19. farmerboi says:

    Saints goan wooopp that bears ass x3

  20. Saintsfan11166 says:

    geaux saints
    black n gold superbowl

  21. likeicare90 says:

    69 camaroman you just jelous cause Saints rock and you suck monster cock:0

  22. Packersman44 says:

    This is the best video ever. Go saints! were gunna smoke the bears!!

  23. lexi100000000 says:

    The saints suck ass reggie bush got his ass knocked on the ground so hard i couldnt of laughed harder and the saints are gonna get demolished next week

  24. KEGgroupie says:

    YEAH SAINTS<3333333

  25. mochasensation says:

    Awesome…kick eagles ass and make us even prouder!!!!