Flozell Adams shows Saints how to tackle Marion Barber

check out the excellent celebratory headbutt by Adams, which knocks Barber to the ground. No copyright intended All rights to NFL

25 Responses to “Flozell Adams shows Saints how to tackle Marion Barber”

  1. recon123ism says:

    @Gambitgirl1974 haha, celebrate your fewer rings, and once we fired wade we been bombing the division. just ask the gaints, and after today you can ask the eagles as well.

  2. Gambitgirl1974 says:


    yeh, celebrate that last place in the division and 5-10 record. have fun with that HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. recon123ism says:

    @Gambitgirl1974 we have more to celebrate overall then most of the teams out there. Keep talking cause we know your team is and always has been trash

  4. melosher says:

    he was a great O lineman one of the best in the decade but hey no ones knees are the same after 12 years in the league yes he aint good now but in his prime he was a monster

  5. cenahater5002 says:

    Why would you miss Fatzell Adams, I feel bad for Steelers fans.

  6. cenahater5002 says:


    LOL you miss Flozell, fat douche sprained his ankle and is out next game LOL

  7. cowboysfan22897 says:

    @cenahater5002 ???????r u stupid? flozell adams is the number 1 pass blocker of the fucking decade and marc columbo is the one who gets all of the penalties

  8. cenahater5002 says:

    Im glad he got traded from the cowboys. Now Fatzell Adams brings his penalties to Pittsburgh where he belongs.

  9. tp0817 says:

    @bbizzy89 You can have him and his Holding Penalties we don’t miss that fat ass

  10. Gambitgirl1974 says:

    ha ha Cowboys can even celebreate correctly…not that they have much to celebrate this year BWAHAHAHA!

  11. Church6397 says:

    Man this was the best game of the season, I went crazy when they won

  12. coloradosnum1jagsfan says:

    I remember watching this live and I lold. BTW nice man boobs Greg 0:21

  13. fmefm says:

    @ArmyChickXoXo lol

  14. ArmyChickXoXo says:

    @fmefm excuse me? how am i ” tha dumbass” when your making factless assumptions? im sorry but 1st off what makes you think im a dyke? you dont know a damn thing about me and never will. 2nd off you called me a white man military tramp? I’m african american just so you know and my user name has nothing to do with the military sorry.asshole.

  15. fmefm says:

    @ArmyChickXoXo ur tha dumbass u dyke-ass white man military tramp!

  16. ArmyChickXoXo says:

    @fmefm yeahh umm he was celebrating the touchdown dumbass he just got caught up in the moment lol i asked uncle flo himself and he said he just forgot how strong he is.. flo’s my uncle i’ve been to his house.. i’ve even swam in his pool lol

  17. thesillyfoojah says:

    They don’t call him “The Hotel” for nothing

  18. bbizzy89 says:

    welcome to pittsburgh flozell

  19. michaeljordan60 says:

    i agree with dubsins it was a headbutt but still cool

  20. everybodyhateseric says:

    i realy think flozell adams is dumb

  21. saint806 says:

    Not upset we didn’t go last year jus anxious to take it at home this year. HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!

  22. Matt81stearns says:

    ok is this fucking homo a giants fan? cause if he did then guess what u got the shit kicked out of YALL by the Vikes too. and if ur a skin or eagle then you just shouldn’t even be talking. and we actually won a playoff game this season so fuck YALL.

  23. iamhungey12345 says:


    That’s why he racked up so much penalties.

  24. masonblazin says:

    ya we blew it, but yall really blew it fag lol did yall even make it to the playoffs? idk. all i do know is cowboys are goin all the way. and what cowboy fan wouldent be upset ?? it was a shitty game. thats thats. but im pretty sure all got really fucked

  25. tbrzana3825 says:

    Sounds like someone forgot to take their meds today. I bet you’re a Cowboys fan. Upset that they blew it AGAIN???