Free Picks: Steelers at Saints Betting

What NFL bettors need to know about Steelers at Saints (Sunday, Oct 31, 2010) from - Including predictions from RJ Bell and analysis from Marco D'Angelo.

6 Responses to “Free Picks: Steelers at Saints Betting”

  1. dlbjr07 says:

    Whats really stunning is he wears a wedding ring. Hes GAY! and dont know shit about football.

  2. conbat18 says:

    Pitts due for bad game.

  3. mippwolve says:

    moneymike. You ddint hear him right. He said he would take either team if they were getting 3

  4. umswagger says:

    Moneymike, you are totally missing the point, man.

  5. moneymike0835 says:

    You say if it was Pitt + 3 you would love Pitt and if it was Saints – 3 you would love Saints. r u dumb – 3 or + 3 would be the same thing lol. So would you love to take both sides on the game??

  6. NHLfan98 says:

    Nice analysis…thanks guys!