Hilarious Minnesota Vikings fan! Tony Lee Pt. 1

Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints: January 24, 2010 This reaction was after Brett Favre threw an interception deep in New Orleans territory in the closing seconds of regulation. RUN THE BALL FAVRE!

25 Responses to “Hilarious Minnesota Vikings fan! Tony Lee Pt. 1”

  1. walrustusks1 says:

    Going to go to Brett’s house in July and beg him to come back again, huh? C’mon now, you know you will!

  2. The05SOX says:

    @nahkxxx Actually, Favre in the past has made plays with his feet too….he cant run worth shit now but any nfl quarterback in that situation with that amount of running lane could have picked up around 6-7 yards reducing longwells 56 yard field goal to about a 49 yard field go, everyone knows he doesn’t run but any qb could in that situation pick up a few yards and i think that what that guy meant….

  3. QuietusEternus says:

    @rilytheking12345 Apparently the Vikings swallow semen 2-4 ha ha

  4. MrMrmethodacting says:

    Tony Lee cracks me up.

  5. GObrewers11 says:

    favre and AP together both having al star years can’t break the vikings superbowl curse no one can

    vikings will never get a superbowl

    fran tarkington knows it too

  6. walrustusks says:

    Nice to see the purple people screaming at Bert Favor through the TV. He doesn’t listen to his coach or his coordinator and he won’t listen to you. He will continue to throw across his body, into coverage and choke in the clutch.

  7. greenbay357 says:

    A wise man once said be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

  8. nahkxxx says:

    You Vikings fans are stupid. “RUN THE BALL!!” he doesn’t run.

  9. suthrnboy08 says:

    i can not understand why he is still playing .. his time is up they need someone that can lead the team

  10. CrysisXiX says:

    why not run the fucking ball through the middle!

  11. PhilippeDucduOrleans says:

    vicking suck just like farve

  12. PhilippeDucduOrleans says:

    all i know is that favre lose. and got fuck hard by the saints

  13. rilytheking12345 says:

    @ZachFergie no it wasnt

  14. rilytheking12345 says:

    @PhilippeDucduOrleans saints suck dick

  15. growsty says:

    ” we were lucky we caught him” hahaha

  16. goldman223 says:

    Favre is still one of the greatrst QB’s ever

  17. PhilippeDucduOrleans says:

    run favre with ur old ass run it. the better team won who dat

  18. calmdown504 says:

    why not run you ask? The man didn’t want to get his body bashed any more. WHO DAT!

  19. RainbowLogic says:


  20. yeaheverday says:


  21. zeefly226 says:

    They seem surprised Favre would throw away a playoff game. Apparently they haven’t been paying attention for the past nine years.

  22. uptown2259 says:

    the vikings suck! and i think its safe to say that they will never win a superbowl! EVER! EVER EVER EVER!

  23. ZachFergie says:

    that was the last play of the NFC championship

  24. benympls says:


  25. B1ackAce15 says:

    @hyundaijake i think the coach makes a good calls that took us to the super bowl