Madden 08 Xbox Live Chargers vs Saints part 1 of 4

Authentic XBOX Live footage of me. Sai Zelion, playing an match online against just anyone. I'm playing as the Saints. This match is for warming up before playing an unranked match. I plan on posting more games. correction, GOOD GAMES (whether I win or lose). Please feel free to add me to your buddies list on XBL.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Madden 08 Xbox Live Chargers vs Saints part 1 of 4”

  1. XPACMARINE says:


  2. yamiyugi0397 says:

    hold a to sprint p.s. saints rule

  3. yamiyugi0397 says:

    saints rule

  4. MRchristhebest55 says:

    @mrhyde09 all ima say is see in madden 11 or come to me and call me a bitch in real life nerd which one u want fag ass nerd

  5. mrhyde09 says:

    @MRchristhebest55 aye dude fuck u. if theyre having a “100 overall” why isnt phillip rivers on the cover, antonio gates punk ass wasnt even a candidate to b on the cover. The chargers are in a weakass division, which means u make it to the playoffs practically every year and fuck up. 100 ovr my ass,lmao u silly bitch

  6. MRchristhebest55 says:

    @mrhyde09 i know they should be 100 ahahahahahahahahaha hater see me in madden 11 then pussy

  7. metallicamaster1234 says:


  8. BrokenLightPole says:

    commaters annoying

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  12. mrhyde09 says:

    95? the chargers shouldnt b that strong

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  14. GTAhero2010 says:

    Lets go saints

  15. TheBravesfan95 says:

    go chargers

  16. dirtbikerfan101 says:

    i got my xbox 360 yesterday for free

  17. XtremeRipperX says:

    GO CHargers

  18. AgeeTV says:

    anyone else like look at the playart 10 times before you snap the ball?

  19. Homocide0160 says:

    CHARGERS LT!!!!!!

  20. boogy370 says:

    go saints!!!

  21. boogy370 says:

    probably with a tripod and camera pointed at screen :)

  22. ElPapi997 says:

    I though it was on Xbox but i guess its on 360

  23. ElPapi997 says:

    Xbox or 360?I bet its 360

  24. supersonic2115 says:


  25. crado599 says:

    god i just love nfl