Madden 09 – DragonFranchise(Saints) Vs Userpicked152(Eagles)

I played this guy hes very good and had my number a few times including this game due 2 one play that changed everything.Hope U enjoy.Madden NFL 2009 Saints Vs Eagles. The Songs I used for this video are both instrumentals 1.9th Wonder and Hieroglyphics - Make your Move(instrumental) 2.9th Wonder - Relax(instrumental)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Madden 09 – DragonFranchise(Saints) Vs Userpicked152(Eagles)”

  1. madden10ish says:

    fuck u go saints
    this guy gay v

  2. advanceadvance says:


  3. 1xxXM3X1CAN0Xxx4 says:


  4. unlikeab says:

    saints busted that ass yesterday

  5. MMAboss123 says:

    the eagles guy plays gay he runs back and throws on the run while falling bacwards and throws it madden 10 you cant do that so he will suck haha

  6. Magnet227 says:

    man you should have should the whole highlights not every time some body wins a game

  7. Elasia4 says:

    hey dragonfranchise i know my name is all girly but im using my mom but anyway i love ur vid and im not that good my record is 20-23 i was wondering if u can give me tips please

  8. stealthman6240 says:

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!

  9. spenjax1111 says:


  10. toysoljah09 says:

    sweet hits in this game

  11. XxLsufanxX says:

    work on stopping screens

  12. larmadillo says:

    i wish u could stop qb sneaks there were pileups on fumbles and u could defend the crossing routes and manual gang tackles

  13. larmadillo says:

    this guy is good because he knows how to play football

  14. pickletom303 says:

    ur really good dragonfrancise i wish I could play u but i got ps3

  15. Buraq1108 says:

    ps the beat is sick.. thats that ridin music

  16. Buraq1108 says:

    you got to chill on the hit stick.. make the sure tackle.. thats how he was getting big plays. he abused the screen too much. what else? he had cover 2 a lot which is not that good. he sucked at field goals. haha how come you didnt show his last TD? 31-21 but last play was the fumble at 24-21. im jp. haha

  17. MikeyEagles says:

    NO WAY!! im in this video! 4:30 sec in. JOLLYROGERXXI hell yea lol. add me. xbox 360 ..

  18. southparkhomer says:

    he did a nice job on the TD screen to Kevin Curtis.. too bad colston fumbled but good video

  19. bigboi835 says:

    hell of a game 2 bad u lost u had the game won too.

  20. DJ618kid says:

    how do u make these videos

  21. DragonFranchise says:

    Thanks man Ya that fumble really pissed me off cause we both new i was about 2 score

  22. JetFreezeProdcutions says:

    good game but bad luck on the fumble

  23. bboy3152 says:

    another get game by dragonfranchise also a good vid

  24. CapenPancho says:

    thiswas sick bro good game even though we friends, i love eagleS and cowboys

  25. wwebv says:

    Wow, people over-abuse rushing QBs, Userpicked made my point.