Madden NFL 11: Online 49ers vs. Saints w/ Commentary

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25 Responses to “Madden NFL 11: Online 49ers vs. Saints w/ Commentary”

  1. jacobjaretchess says:

    49ers rule

  2. DavidRentuma says:

    @thompsonj24 LOL thats hella funny

  3. MrBLaVigne says:

    Hey man, I like your videos alot. My favorite team is the Lions. Stafford and Calvin = Success Lol..Try team out online 😛

  4. reaperkid17 says:

    can you do saints and falcons, and also cardinals and ravens

  5. thegantzman19 says:

    my madden only has six minute quarters why? on line i mean

  6. thegantzman19 says:

    my madden only has six minute quarters why?

  7. gaminggenius531 says:

    @HaloFan100200 This year

  8. HaloFan100200 says:

    saints would beat the 49ers

  9. honorboyz says:

    Bush got his ass smack on der for dat punt return lol

  10. awesome4u1 says:

    who are you the saints or the 49ers

  11. MrNorthside912 says:

    i was a level 22 online on madden 10 but i havent been online for a while now because i moved but i will be back online by the 1st of the year and i would love to give you a good old fashioned ass whipping so add me my gamertag is GoGetta912

  12. erikboi777 says:

    0:18 reggie bush gettin it done

  13. livingdoom25 says:

    this is cool can you should see my video its hilarious go to my channel

  14. defenderDX says:

    why are you playing as Lawson? you should be playing as WILLIS!!!!!!!!

  15. lzebed says:

    @TheeArtiste can u put a game with titans

  16. xboxliveboy1 says:

    Can you put like a tutorial video of how to intercept please?

  17. Zeus184 says:

    That was fun, thanks for the upload.

  18. MelikeGC says:

    Lies. 4-3 Cover 3 press (cornerbacks and strong safety deep) and the OLB going in flats, and then u audible the DE’s into the purple zone , and the MLB yellow. Then u either user control the FS or one of the DT’s. Unbeatable, atleast with my EAGLES. The only defensive play i use and i have a mere average of 16 points against me (36 for) and 2.9 takeaways , 150 PYPG and 60 RYPG. Also u mix it up by only dropping the RE in a zone (yellow or purple) and blitz the fs on the LE. Sack 75 % of the time

  19. Cardinalkid17 says:

    your fantasy team is horrible

  20. giskillz says:

    in this video what type of defense are you using? I see you move around Manny Lawson and he is the OLB and on your defense he is a defensive end. So is this 46 or 3-4 you are using? Just wanted to know.

  21. iloveshoes415 says:

    I rate ur fantasy team a 5. How’s your fantasy record going?

  22. broc92592 says:

    gonna help you guys out on defense, and uhh so…. *reggie bush breaks a 20 yard run*

  23. BrokenLightPole says:

    Hey man you have good videos but am not getting a Xbox 360 til the day after thanksgivings {and this game} will people still play online? and whats your gamertag so in the furture i can play you

  24. JTtheHunter says:

    Do the Bucs Dere 2-1

  25. tebaby123 says:

    how do u junk and fumble