Madden NFL 11: Online Ravens vs. Saints w/ Commentary

I am the Ravens in this game. Not sure if I clarified that. :)

25 Responses to “Madden NFL 11: Online Ravens vs. Saints w/ Commentary”

  1. ahrpj says:


  2. ahrpj says:

    plzzz play wit the vikingzz

  3. jackiejones3 says:

    play the browns

  4. skyman501 says:

    im sad the bucs missed the playoffs screw the packers

  5. remixracer1 says:

    could you do a steelers game?

  6. headshot7 says:

    Bucs going downhill from Week 1? 9-6 now


  7. mashinmonkey1 says:



    This is the first time ive ever seen someone use the Saints online.

  9. jcfludd1 says:


  10. dhstandard22 says:

    @Rttestt Not really…says that he doesn’t want to show us boring gameplay when he just gets his ass kicked…that would be stupid…obviously he doesn’t just win but when you post videos about video games on youtube even if your commentating about something else at least show us and interesting game where you won or if it’s like Halo then get like positive 15 or something…

  11. dhstandard22 says:

    Halo Reach is easy to pick up…most people don’t even play it because it’s noob friendly…Halo 3 mainly MLG playlist….thats something that took me 3 years just to get decent at it…Halo was the greatest game back when I was younger….now though I have less free time and when I do play video games I have other ones I like to play…

  12. mashinmonkey1 says:

    play as the vikings

  13. TheTabletennisgod says:

    gay is in the background

  14. lilsislovesu says:

    I don’t understand how you win all these games but every game they run kick returns on you.

  15. TheTamufan says:

    Use the falcons

  16. starrgeary says:

    i wanna play u

  17. Rttestt says:

    You never post when you lose that says a lot

  18. RAVENFREAK221 says:

    @phillies241 Middle Line Backer or Defensive Lineman if ur good at pressuring ur opponent and stopping the run.

  19. RAVENFREAK221 says:

    @jrowns1 ravens

  20. jrowns1 says:

    are you the saints or the ravens?

  21. daltonmoo says:

    How Do U Lag A Kick? I Never Have Been Do U Just Run Around

  22. phillies241 says:

    what position should i be on D?

  23. awesome4u1 says:

    who won?

  24. ilikepoptartz says:

    How do you record your video?

  25. madman25ish says:

    i always used my phins before pennington got hurt
    think ill use the bucs or the cards until pennington or henne is fit
    nothing wrong with thigpen he just CANT COMPLETE A PASS