Madden Sucks

On Madden 10, I'm the New Orleans Saints playing against the Chicago Bears. The Bears kicked a Field Goal and it hit the uprights, and they still say it was good. They're were cheating so I just quit. EA Sports need to see all the problems on YouTube with Madden. I hope Gus Johnson see this video. They need to fix lot of stuff on Madden. I wonder what promlems Madden 11 will have. I like Madden Gras.

25 Responses to “Madden Sucks”

  1. Chargerdude95 says:

    LOLOLOL good 1

  2. OfficialStephenNiday says:

    @Jonny13Blaze and @ScOpEDx25Gaming You are both a disgrace to America. I mean, we have freedom of speech, but this is just ridiculous. Why don’t you both just get off of here and go play Madden???

  3. OfficialStephenNiday says:

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  4. OfficialStephenNiday says:

    Why are you all complaining when some people are subjected to a boring life at home without Madden? Some people can not even afford it, but would love to have it. If you do not like it so much, why did you buy it in the first place, and then why do you continuously purchase the new one that comes out every year? If you really do not like it this much, do not buy it and donate the´╗┐ money to help give food and shelter to those that do not have it, because they certainly need it desperately.

  5. GomezBeastJay says:

    always knew bears paid the refs when I play madden……. theres Proof

  6. doodoojones says:

    Looked good to me…

  7. 5220Timothy says:


  8. SektorCyraxSpeedy says:

    that hell funny Ref blind

  9. sheesh71 says:

    That’s too funny!!

  10. PhilippeDucduOrleans says:

    that dude just sucks

  11. Jonny13Blaze says:

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  13. Jonny13Blaze says:

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  14. ScOpEDx25Gaming says:

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  15. Jonny13Blaze says:

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  16. MRxxFREESTYLE says:


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  17. BuFfAlOsABrILLs says:

    scoped shut ur mouth dude this guy has a point that was a gay thing that hapend to him. madden 11 sucks also
    my brothers played the computers on it and they are like really good players in fact on of em got first in a madden tournament. anyways he got killed 52-0 on all madden. that ridicuilous

  18. Joshuaguss says:

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  19. ScOpEDx25Gaming says:

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  20. ScOpEDx25Gaming says:

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  21. Jonny13Blaze says:

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  22. Raidersafcwest says:

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  23. TruthMatrix1 says:

    @ScOpEDx25Gaming – Why you gotta get all racist MOFO? You’re analysis is wrong. The WHOLE BALL has to cross through the uprights, not just a portion of it. Only way it could be good if it bounces off the middle part of the bar(that holds up the goal post) and bounces back into the field, then it’s good. Reason being is that the middle bar is behind the side posts. DUMMY! What referee manual you readin from? For DUMMIES?

  24. TruthMatrix1 says:

    LMAO! Madden 11 still SUCKS ass!

  25. Oreoh303 says:

    this guy can call Jared right now haha and he thinks if a ball bounces off the post and falls back to the ground its a field goal.. lmao he must know some dumb ass like him named Jared Allen, how many Jared Allen’s are in the world.. fuck you ScOpEDx25Gaming you piece of garbage.