Malcolm Jenkins strips Roy Williams late 4th quarter – Thanksgiving HD

dallas cowboys new orleans saints
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25 Responses to “Malcolm Jenkins strips Roy Williams late 4th quarter – Thanksgiving HD”

  1. truebluetitan says:

    who dat

    who dat


    7-9 kicked ur ass!


    But someone wanted that game more than Dallas.

  3. truebluetitan says:

    @Tabletop1000 aw

  4. Tabletop1000 says:

    so you’d try to suffocate me with your “fucking bum”?? or do you mean you have no excess skin anymore since you gained all that fat back so the stretch marks are gone? maybe running as waterboy got to your head or something….

  5. Tabletop1000 says:

    you’d fucking destroy me by trying to suffocate me with your excess skin after i took out your halfback. but nice try.

  6. NFLization says:

    This could’ve been the fucking game if it weren’t for that asshole.

  7. JAKETHEGREAT11100 says:

    @truebluetitan oh…well you act like one.

  8. truebluetitan says:

    @JAKETHEGREAT11100 well thats amazing




  9. JAKETHEGREAT11100 says:

    @truebluetitan if i was gay i could get a much better gay guy than you. youre the worst kind of gay guy you are a cowboys fan gay guy.

  10. JAKETHEGREAT11100 says:

    @truebluetitan lolnowaybro

  11. truebluetitan says:

    @JAKETHEGREAT11100 lolugaybro?

  12. JAKETHEGREAT11100 says:

    @truebluetitan lolumadbro?

  13. truebluetitan says:

    @Tabletop1000 no i dont think so. i wish you would dare to step on the feild with me. id fucking destroy you

  14. Tabletop1000 says:

    lol a 5’10 230 4th string full back/waterboy/posterchild for diabetes.

  15. RedHammerandSickle says:

    @truebluetitan wow the fact you are STILL talking shit is just adding to the level of your incompetence and do you realize you are arguing with a 16 year old. i mean seriously your pathetic and i implore you to come call me a 200 pound def. lineman a bitch

  16. truebluetitan says:

    @RedHammerandSickle i wasnt talking shit until provoked so get ur shit straight. its pretty pathetic you are talking shit on youtube. the only way i could even get you a blind date is if the bitch was actually blind and didnt see that face even your mother cant love. peace bitch

  17. RedHammerandSickle says:

    @truebluetitan Dude its actually pretty pathetic that you are still spending time talking shit on a video. i mean you dont see me looking up videos of a team i dislike just to comment on how i dislike them. i mean yeah if you looked up like a fail video of that team i guess its ok. But seriously talking shit on people for liking a team… i feel bad for you seriously i mean i could get you like a blind date or something (if they are willing to look past your ignorance) so you have somthin to do

  18. truebluetitan says:

    @RedHammerandSickle why would i be mad that kitna plays better? Im not even a cowboys fan you fucking retard. hahahahahaha

    get head out of your ass fucktard. who dat? dumbass pansies

  19. RedHammerandSickle says:

    @truebluetitan It’s alright we know your mad because Kitna plays better than homo and the Cowboys have a shitty record. Don’t go on a saints highlight video looking to talk shit because your team sucks this year

  20. gamemastfo2 says:

    @gentryhater are you jealous because the cowboys are 3-8?

  21. nolaeast says:

    Naturally New Orleans baby, naturally New Orleans. Malcolm Jenkins saves the day with the play of the year.

  22. gentryhater says:

    @truebluetitan Actually a lot of people give a fuck about Who Dat. The ratings speak for themselves. What’s wrong? Jealous because your favorite team hasn’t done anything recently?

  23. 3rdWorldRckr says:

    Yeah, but Newman was never really that good anyways.

  24. 88Cdizzle says:

    Malcolm Jenkins flat out saved our ass that game, thats an amazing play that was all hustle by a young player, he never gave up and his aggressiveness was rewarded with the strip and recovery. WHO DAT!!!

  25. 11825code6 says:

    How can Captain Concussion call these games? He loves his team more than his children.