Marques Colston is the TRUTH!!!!!!

New Orleans Saints, number one wide receiver, Marques Colston, #12, is one of the best, if not the best, young receivers in the league today. In his first two years, he has had more catches than any player in NFL history. He has had more TD's in his first two seasons, than many of the most dominant receivers to ever play the game. At 25 years old, his upside is limitless, and he has the potential to be one of the greatest ever!!! Question: "What's that song in your video?" Answer: R & R, "Bring on the competition." Can't tell you any more than that, because I got it from Youtube's free audio library in an audio swap, after they removed the last song due to copyright infringement. The song isn't on iTunes or Amazon. So far, the only place I found it is on Youtube. Don't know if you can download it here or not.
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25 Responses to “Marques Colston is the TRUTH!!!!!!”

  1. pistns32 says:

    Three people accidentally hit dislike.

  2. senjecko4 says:

    @lakershd Looks more and more like the Cowboys are more of a fluke. Such a shame. A true waste of talent. Maybe the Cowboys will move to Los Angelos. That would be fun. Then I could flaunt the joke that the Texans are a better football team than the Cowboys since the Cowboys would no longer exist. Now that would be a fun sporting moment. Nah, but seriously, the Cowboys aren’t worth cheering for. Onwers like Jerry Jones and Al Davis are what ruins a football team or any sports team really.

  3. senjecko4 says:

    @lakershd Like when the Cowboys got dumped on in the playoffs last year? At least the Saints made the playoffs this year and got double digits win again for the second straight season. Until the Cowboys owner/GM pulls his head out of his ass, they won’t go anywhere. They may even become the new Buffalo Bills. You know, the whole talent goes to die here, we draft busts, bad free agent signings, we love bad coaches, etc. It’s so good to know that the Cowboys aren’t America’s Team anymore.

  4. senjecko4 says:

    @ankrish9500 One, there is not a starting receiver in the NFL that can be called fat. Slow, for some, but not fat. Yes, Colston’s speed is not what you envision for a WR, but because of his ability to catch the ball so well, it more than makes up for his lack of explosive speed. Look at the Saints WR corp. At the moment, Colston, Lance Moore, Robert Meachem, Devery Henderson, and Adrian Arrington occupy a roster spot. The majority of the WRs make up for what Colston may not have.

  5. andrewkiba22 says:

    heey which is the song ??

  6. SuperKitchenSink says:

    @ankrish9500 he’s a possession reciever so he’s not that fast and is big and can catch the ball in traffic

  7. mcstang007 says:

    Colston is underrated

  8. ankrish9500 says:

    why does marques colston actually suck? hes the flukiest fuck and all he can do is catch. he cant run fast or make good cuts caus hes a fat fuck.

  9. ixs515 says:

    Dis man, Marques Colston has a ring.

  10. rvx87 says:

    Dont 4get Randy Moss caught 17 TD`s his rookie year

  11. HBG07 says:


  12. bbcg294 says:

    @lakershd fluke season bitch we going back this year while yo bitch ass team sitin at home, another hater!

  13. TheCrimsonSpider says:

    Check out Paper, plastic, or murder. Great video.

  14. redcattex says:

    @Renspellsrenbutimraw lol the saints wooped them

  15. bbcg294 says:

    @Renspellsrenbutimraw lolanother hater

  16. teamkillproductions1 says:

    @Renspellsrenbutimraw they 1

  17. wow1022 says:

    most of the best players in the NFL are not first round draft picks

  18. hhhyper says:

    @llamalover025 you are right saints deleved more weapons thats why they won it all last year,you couldnt just watch Marques

  19. llamalover025 says:

    @maneeshk88- they were listing the receivers who didnt have as many td’s in their first 2 years as colston. this video isnt about moss, is it? including him in the list would have been pointless.

  20. llamalover025 says:

    @hunglike2horses-go away

  21. llamalover025 says:

    @89bteal only reason he is slipping in production is because they now have so many other offensive weapons who can contribute, so the ball is being spread out more. that’s the only thing that might keep him from being a hall of fame wr.

  22. waooohhhh says:

    marques colston is SOOOO UNDERRATED!!!!

  23. maneeshk88 says:

    lol 1:40 19 TDs in his first two seasons. way to conveniently exclude Randy Moss-28 TDs first two seasons.

  24. hunglike2horses says:

    Hes pretty good for a fag

  25. 89bteal says:

    how did colston not get in the pro-bowl in 2007? he had 98 catches, around 1500 receiving yards, and like 12 td’s. he has been slowly slipping in production since then.