Marshawn Lynch Sport Science (Beast Mode)

Espn Sports Science Marshawn Lynch (Beast Mode)
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16 Responses to “Marshawn Lynch Sport Science (Beast Mode)”

  1. CerebralPrince10 says:

    0:35 hahahaha

  2. AlenShow says:

    @bigfro9 i wouldnt talk chicago almost got raped last quarter

  3. MrJumpman23mj says:

    There’s no scientific explanation for the Beast Mode Phenomenon

  4. kemikal928 says:

    he didn’t stiff arm that guy 18 feet….lynch stopped running and the cb didn’t.

  5. bigfro9 says:

    @choke3 or chogue3, at least it’ll be a real GAME. Don’t worry, you can go back to watching your NBA or NHL team in Seattle, oh wait…..

  6. chogue3 says:

    @bigfro9 Cutler sucks. Rodgers will beat u bitches

  7. ItsLittleNicky says:

    hey if you wanna see another guy who goes beast mode check this due out


  8. bigfro9 says:

    2 awesome yards vs the Bears. Beast Mode? LMAO…have a nice flight home Chickenhawks!!

  9. iseankimi says:

    …but due to the saints’ poor tackling and lynch’s raw power in “beast mode”, none are able to bring him down. LOLLL

  10. Loves2Splooge1 says:

    He seems to have more fun in life than most people.

  11. OMGQUAAAADS says:

    what ya really need is dat beastmode

  12. RUNSHOP8 says:

    That beast mode take you over that edge!

  13. pfuery32 says:

    HES A TRUCK!!!!!

  14. LitUpPS3 says:

    LOL at him dancing

  15. joshgelb79 says:

    Bears aint got nothin on BEAT MODE!

  16. thenose69 says:

    First comment! Yeahhhh 😛 Go Beast Mode Go—Watch out Chicago—-Here come the Beast (along with all those blockers)