Members of the WHO DAT NATION, Black and Gold Ya’ll

Free song for the New Orleans Saints and Who Dat Nation. Black and Gold Superbowl!!!!! Download the song for free at . LYRICS chorus: Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints? Beat them Saints? Who Dat is the nation Cheered by Saintsations Coached by Sean Peyton Benson is the president The fans are the residents Super Bowl, we never went Brees leading the soldiers Black & Gold like we told ya AFC, send them over Crescent City, the soul Saints low and behold Were in the Super Bowl 09 & 10 is the season Victory is the reason 42 years is believing Champions, when you do come home Your future home Is the Superdome On the line is eleven Men assembled as brethren Saints, march from heaven When the facts are told You will crack & fold To the Black & Gold (chorus) Drew Brees threw these Passes with true ease Greatest of QBs Boy, you better be ready Its like a breach in a levee When the crowd screams, Reggie, Reggie! Your world is dark & lonesome covering Marques Colston You better start to hold him cause when you thought you were cocky Then you start to get sloppy 1st down!, Jeremy Shockey And you will never be Able to stop every Pass made to Devery And the stands are loud Because the fans are proud Audibles cancel out Hundred decibel screams And our special teams Will wreck your schemes When the facts are told You will crack & fold To the Black & Gold (chorus) And dont forget our defense Denying your completions It happens every weekend ...

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    WHO DAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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    Lyrics posted. Thank you.

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    Hey Can You Put Up The Lyrics?

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    So Hyping

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    Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

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    Super Cool