Munich Rangers do Saints Huddle

Erding Bulls vs. Munich Rangers # 84 Gonzalez does the New Orleans Saints huddle. (Sorry for the long talkin ;-))
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25 Responses to “Munich Rangers do Saints Huddle”

  1. watarebel93 says:

    No wonder they lost the war…

  2. marck1293 says:

    @yuctownshocker dont worry theres always going to the knees lol

  3. BigDog1891 says:

    That was terrible

  4. Novinte says:

    This is lame.

  5. EZDOESIT773 says:


  6. TimproXXy says:

    Wow, worst pump up huddle I’ve ever seen, I was laughing more than I wanted to kill someone, when I look at saints I wanna tackle my brother right now!

  7. Vyckeris12 says:

    They dont do that bad actually.

  8. Archie8Manning says:

    My fellow American brothers and sisters. Chill the fuck out, obviously they aren’t going to do as good as the Saints do, God…

  9. colbin1 says:

    @southernprep5 me either lol.

  10. derete says:

    wer hat lust zu gewinnen…wer hat bock drauf…wie geil ist das denn…die letzten 10 sek rocken trotzdem…

  11. yuctownshocker says:

    i wish i could play against a german team… haha man they have never seen american lineman

  12. mattybowie1 says:

    wow my team does that 10 times better

  13. Malik2032 says:

    they talk funny and their not even sayen aahu right

  14. southernprep5 says:

    didnt know germans played ball

  15. ThePumbel says:

    ja leider… aber scheiße labern konnt der gonzales schon immer 😀

  16. natman882001 says:

    Ganzalez hat sich leider verletzt

  17. irokese53 says:

    @FlyingKini ich weiß xD

  18. djfrog2001 says:

    fuckin’ awesome

  19. selfexplanitory says:

    LOL Great Team!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!

  20. stateben17 says:


  21. Wakey22 says:


  22. jaxega says:

    not so good as brees but still a kid doin’ it

  23. MrMBK52 says:

    way too much time trying to explain the process to the team….

  24. dvt796 says:

    good job !
    go saints

  25. cody8334 says:

    Drew Brees does it 100 times better!!