Reaction: Colts vs. Saints

The Indianapolis Colts will take on the New Orleans Saints this Sunday for the Super Bowl. Who are you rooting for? What are you looking forward to more: the game or the commercials? The Who will perform the Super Bowls halftime show. Do you think this is a good choice?

4 Responses to “Reaction: Colts vs. Saints”

  1. 1netricks says:

    The New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl XLIV champions !! WHO DAT? NOBODY !!

  2. FanBoy813 says:

    Looked like the colts had it for awhile then saints came back and just kicked faces into theground

  3. ArtimisChills says:

    Saints just kicked the colts in th butt!!!!

  4. destinyspawn1 says:

    Good job on the vid.