Reggie Bush Off-Season Training

Description: New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush crushes an off-season strength session at Elite Athletics and discusses his goals and mindset heading into the season
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25 Responses to “Reggie Bush Off-Season Training”

  1. housingjeffwan says:

    I dont understand y he in the list what top rbs lik cj and ap.Its becuz the saints not starting him

  2. marisapimpin says:

    idgaf !! he soo dam sexy ..

  3. headstrong420 says:

    @8beazy yea but he sucks in the nfl so its whatever

  4. 689433 says:

    Man fuck the Heissman….he had the best trophy any man would want.. Kim Kardashian!!!

  5. drbayoms says:

    Thank G_d youtube does not require a urinalysis before you are allowed to post. So many people are proud of the fact that he is a proud Christian, and that’s wonderful. But don’t fool yourself into thinking Tebow will be anything other than a guy who backs up OTHER Pro-Bowl and SuperBowl caliber QB’s. I’m sure he is a treat to have in the locker room. But he is not talented enough to start for any other team that SERIOUSLY is thinking about winning a SuperBowl.

  6. drbayoms says:

    It speaks to the fact that he is a winner. You got so many idiots who criticize him because he does not run between the tackles. And honestly it bothers me too that he does not like contact. But I step back and see he is so much more than JUST a RB. Even though they are similar in size. He can’t do what Chris Johnson does, and Chris can’t do what he does. You do not win at all those levels (High School, College and NFL) without having great instincts and talent.

  7. AliBoulalaSTP says:

    too bad he sucks at playing football….ok, he´s injured all the time, BUT when hes healthy he sucks.

  8. coquetamarsya says:

    My goodness! I don’t ever want to train like a figure fitness competitor anymore! Even though i go hard and heavy, i need a trainer like Reggie bush!!! I am going to do this at my gym right away!!! I LOVE IT! imagine the burn you get. wow…

  9. imamonster133 says:

    @ gridkid95814 why you hatin on Reggie Bush, its not his fault he keeps getting hurt. You know how well he plays when hes 100 % healthy like throughout last years playoffs he was a freakin monster. Won a highschool title, college title, a heisman n a national title… no how can u say hes not a good player

  10. gridkid95814 says:

    Too bad he’s not a good football player.. the Texans were smart to take Mario Williams #1..

  11. METVstation says:

    @8beazy tebow will be number 2.

  12. IllegitimateDevil says:


    yup, called renegade rows

  13. Moraud5386 says:

    I wanna see him boxing against A.Peterson

  14. ATACXGYM says:

    @8beazy you said it all right there,brutha.Real talk and that’s all that need to be said.

  15. RedRidinHoood says:

    This guy was suppose to be the next Barry Sanders. What happen?

  16. rehotchillipop says:

    3 colts fans disliked this

  17. Daze528 says:

    @8beazy ye its pretty good to an extent. The reason why is because the superbowl he won he had hardly any participation or involvement on the field that entire year. Hes got what it takes he just has to allow it to come out.

  18. 8beazy says:

    peterbest1000 he gave his Heisman back because he knows he was wrong for taking money. The NCAA was going to take it anyway. My point is that taking less then 1% of what both the NCAA and USC football program made off of him didn’t make him a better on the field player. He was one of the most electric rb’s I’ve ever seen at the college level. The NCAA is very hypocritical. The players deserve compensation on some level.

  19. peterbest1000 says:

    @8beazy why did he give hes heisman back?

  20. DrewThe1st says:

    Too bad he broke his leg in week 2

  21. 8beazy says:

    He gave his Heisman back my friend. The knee injury sucks though. Either way we all know he was the baddest RB on the field the year he won the Heisman.

  22. afroerra says:

    @8beazy except he got the Heisman taken away

  23. SIOYGYGYG says:

    Wish the Carolina Panthers had this guy. But we got Williams and Stewart.

  24. football27life says:

    @cristof1357 congrats man keep workin hard

  25. HighLiteLegend141 says:

    Lolll Follow @ReggiesHeisman