Reggie Bush Punt Return for Touchdown 2 of 2

On 6 October 2008 (Monday Night Football), New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush had two punt returns for touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings. Here is the second one as seen from the Plaza level of the Louisiana Superdome . . .
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12 Responses to “Reggie Bush Punt Return for Touchdown 2 of 2”

  1. renobrooklyn81 says:

    Great video! I’m not a Saints fan but I love seeing the crowd get up and cheer for their team no matter who they are!! That was an amazing punt return from an amazing athlete!

  2. RayRay50418NO says:

    @dacrazysportsfan: it’s “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In” jazz version

  3. coltmanx13 says:

    You still lost by the way

  4. coltmanx13 says:

    Ya they did

  5. atomickilla says:

    oh its some mardi gras song not sure the name maybe u can do a search and find it

  6. dacrazysportsfan says:

    no that’s not it. They play that at the kickoff. I mean right after bush scored a td, what song they play right after that?

  7. atomickilla says:

    halftime – ying yang twins

  8. XxLsufanxX says:

    so did ur mom!

  9. dacrazysportsfan says:

    what’s the song called when the saints score a td?

  10. vivamusone says:

    I wish I was there, I would kick Gramatica in the ass and show him how its done.

  11. jcapVIDS says:

    yea! but good seats

  12. fooodang says:

    you still lose!