Saints 2007 First Round Pick

WR Robert Meachem
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25 Responses to “Saints 2007 First Round Pick”

  1. hbqgz says:

    @Flyinhawaiian89 but he has developed into a great player

  2. mannineaux says:

    @mikeyg504 See him this past year? He was #1 baby!!

  3. Flyinhawaiian89 says:

    You’re an idiot. A first round pick as a slot receiver? Wake me up when he actually does something worthwhile. You can’t say he’s going to develop into a special player when he hasn’t done much to deserve the praise. Sorry.

  4. ngythe1king says:

    i saw sidney rice still haven’t been pick yet, we should have picked him, too bad he went to the vikes

  5. OhN001 says:

    ….As a slot receiver you moron, when your on the best offense in the NFL where you aren’t even the second guy (Devery Henderson is) and rack up 700 yards and 9 TDs thats impressive.

    Nobody is saying Meachems better than D-Jax, but it’s pretty obvious Meachem is going to develop into a special player with his size and speed.

  6. taxidriver2929 says:

    Robert Meachem really did shut everyone up.

  7. LT21Ward86 says:

    At 5:51 it sound like berman says a pair of balls

  8. mwcarolina says:

    Robert Meacham in my view was a better pick than Reggie Bush, Meacham has speed and is a great second reciever next to Colston.

  9. bonjo1621 says:

    robert meachem

  10. John61188 says:

    yeah because thats mcnabbs only receiver next to maclin. brees passes to henderson, moore, shockey, d. thomas, colston, meachem, bush, p. thomas. i love these “yard” idiots, brees passes to whoever is open. yards dont mean shit in the saints offense. colston had 1000 yds in the 2nd to last game of the season. shows you that brees spreads the ball everywhere.

  11. Flyinhawaiian89 says:

    What about now? He had a stat line of 722 yds and 9 tds. He had alot of tds for being on the #1 offense in the league, but yet again, he only got 722 yds. Still nothing from a first round pick. DeSean Jackson had 900+ yds and 2tds rookie season and 1000+ yds and 9tds with a probowl his second season. Meachem has not evolved in any way. He’s a decent slot position, but he isn’t going to develop you idiot. “What about now?” Jackass.

  12. FamilyGuy360 says:

    I dont think the SAINTS have a number one receiver,it’s a GUMBO PACKAGE(4wides,3 tight ends,3 backs dominate o line).I did’nt like MEACHEM at first i thought he was injury prone but this guy prove me wrong,he is a DOMINANT FORCE.

  13. ProdigyRd says:

    He’ll be back for Atl/Cowboys 😉 Who Dat!

  14. y3ll4b0i says:

    WHO DAT!!!!!!! Meachem ballin finally but Marques Colston is our #1 WR he draws the double teams that open it up for Henderson & Meachem. WE NEED MOORE back

  15. 0reocookie says:

    lol this season is his
    meachem went off today against the redskins!!

  16. Str8outtaok says:

    Robert Meachem den shut all u haters up… huh???

  17. John61188 says:

    what about now?

  18. Flyinhawaiian89 says:

    “Meachem will have a breakout season, he’ll prove himself, yadda yadda yadda.” Well, he didn’t. Lance Moore did.

  19. Flyinhawaiian89 says:

    He didn’t.

  20. bambamislost says:

    pierre thomas is a beast =D

  21. getyoasshome says:

    injury prone

  22. xxr0bert054xx says:

    already got shockey

  23. YouWantMeYouCantPay says:

    Meachem will show this season that he should be the #1 wideout for the Saints.

  24. mikeyg504 says:

    Meachem is going to shine as the #2 next to Colston.

  25. Saintsfan11166 says:

    I have faith in Robbie Meachem, hes gonna have a breakout year this season.