Saints Back? SAINTS vs. SEATTLE

Are they back? Saints Highlights vs. Seahawks Sunday night. They win 28-17
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25 Responses to “Saints Back? SAINTS vs. SEATTLE”

  1. marinex101 says:

    Seahawks are going to the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont give a fuck wat yall think… i think thay are…x]

  2. wareaglenumber1 says:

    @tysilva85 Congrats, you beat us in the regular season the past 2 times you played Seattle, that’s awesome!!! Say, how’d the playoff game go?

  3. tyeguy2009 says:

    This Is 2011 and saint’s LOST!!! To the Seahawk’s!!!!!!

  4. Andrewtmcb says:


  5. ninjatoker1 says:

    go hawks!

  6. Sinister134 says:

    marshawn lynch !!!


    fuck those niggers.

  8. saintsfandb9 says:

    Wow you guys have to give some credit to the saints; your offense didn’t do shit either??!

  9. cchank1 says:

    we would have won this game but we gave up one huge play which was that bad snap. Screw Boone Stutz. if u saint’s fans want more proof u guys did nothing in the second half. But at least we made it to the playoffs.

  10. tysilva85 says:

    ur just jealous


    still, they didn’t dominate. they got 1 td thanks to a bad snap and and they didn’t do shit in the second half so your 11 point win was good, but far from an ass beating.

  12. TJD1295 says:

    haha yeah man go saints
    this was my first football game:]

  13. tysilva85 says:

    man my friend is a seahawks fan and im a saints fan when i show him ganna be all like IN YOUR FACE FOO!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. the1holysaint says:

    bush was tearing it up!! damn he was out!

  15. KramerUSA says:

    lol that game was so messed up! But it doesn’t bother me… we usually do good at home.. and that was are only home defeat. Gotta hand it to the Saints though. They came to play.

  16. matthasselbeck says:

    ok really. even though the seahawks made a couple of mistakes, doesnt mean theyre like bad. i mean, every team as their off days. and u g2 admit that what hasselbeck did was amazing. carring us to the playoffs without the running game being operated more often.

  17. AsainBean says:

    haha not to be mean but the seahawks coach in da end of da video looked like how in da hell did we lost to them

  18. Asians4Life says:


  19. lubeyourmonkey says:

    new orleans saints 4 life
    brees,mcall,reggie,mike mckenzie,colston 4 life

    who dat 4ever go saints!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lubeyourmonkey says:

    new orleans saints 4 life
    brees,mcall,reggie,mike mckenzie,colston 4 life

    who dat 4ever go saints!!!!!!!!!!

  21. poopta says:

    lance moore, number 16, has potential. hes mah nig.

  22. poopta says:

    duh noob

  23. JenkBigQ says:

    actualy #25,the #25 running back in da NFL lol

  24. originalbiggie1 says:

    Hey I remember This game This the game where I had a stroke

  25. KittenToss says:

    no nice try they’re not bad they’re still the ain’ts