Saints Fans Losing Our Minds!! Superbowl here we come!

what ya'll thought we were gonna do?? oh, yeah waaayyyy more to come!

25 Responses to “Saints Fans Losing Our Minds!! Superbowl here we come!”

  1. TheChiefsDude says:

    Nice, I wish someday my team can win the SB and I can have this feeling.

  2. cr0wnr0yal says:

    good shit big homie..yo sht b crackn me up…im ready 4 dis yr…BLACK N GOLD @ DA SUPER BOWL>>>R ARLEAST 2 DA PLAYOFFS lol…N.O. bitchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sjagz says:

    What a great night…best night of my life…i filmed a little from my balcony at the sonesta hotel on burboun..I live in NY and have been a Saints fan since the mid 80’s and that was my first Saints game at the dome…. you really captured it!!! you have to post that not the faaalconsss video again… I would watch that video with my family before every saints game to pump us up…

  4. MiniTrindon8 says:

    dude i watched u when u made that video NOT THE FALCONNSSSSSS NOT THE FALCOONNNSSSS!!! hahaha to let u know i was at the game and we went to south beach… THAT SHIT WAS CRAZY IT WAS BOURBON ON SOUTH BEACH we were in traffic til 2 am!!!! it was allllllll saints fans it was crazy!!!

  5. mo10ish says:

    Loving my city read drew brees book he says we know how to party and we don’t jus party one day we party all day everyday!!! Ima see him tomorrow at his book signing hopefully there won’t be so many people so he can sign my book:)

  6. gannon1op says:

    wooo!!! gotta love da WHO DAT! nation!

  7. nodozz2 says:

    lol I was there only I had to be at work at 4:am…

  8. jameshaynes3 says:

    what city do u guys live in

  9. philthelion says:

    @dejuanptv Supergreat video.I totally feel u! Best celebration video. You did it! Wish I was in that number. Take care

  10. goonie50 says:

    @nikkidoug yea nobody knew bout that spot. everybody was on bourbon or canal…it was straight bumping out there

  11. nikkidoug says:

    Boyyyyyyyy…I was like to jump out my seat when they throwback Gregory D “buckjumptime” came on…yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  12. TheTypicalGirl says:

    A true look into the city at its craziest!

  13. 1liljet says:

    Love it,love it that you are there! And notice nobody is destroying or tearing up their beutiful city either.Good stuff baby.Go Saints!!!

  14. 504deist says:

    this dude cracks me up. i wanna party with you tomorrow when we win. i’ll be in da quatah baby!!!!!!!!

  15. chellylovesthelions says:

    i wanted to be down there soo bad!

  16. Mumue504 says:

    Eye Lovee Dhisx Video Bekusx Everbody Tlk Dwn On New Orleansx Buht Dhen Dnt No All Dha Funn Thinqsx Dhat Goesx Dwn There , Whitesx &nd Blacksx All Together Jusx Havinqq Funn Woah ! Jusx Lovee Iht , We Super Bowl BoundD ! Who Dhat For Life !

  17. rasun1976 says:

    Such a class act by the city my city of New Orleans. Say bruh did u used to work at Office Depot? U look familiar . Any way WHO DAT 4 LIFE!!! 34-28 SAINTS.

  18. mopierre65 says:

    that vid was hot. watched from beginning to end. was at the game too. you repped the city well. the world has no idea. but, you gave them a taste. great work!

  19. purpleknightmom says:

    WHEN we win, the second line will run from Miami all the way back to Nawlins!!!!

  20. Bones316x says:

    My Superbowl song:
    Colts on the ground,
    Colts on the ground,
    Lookin’ like a fool with Manning on the ground! lol

  21. sedro32 says:

    and look at that..
    unlike denver, we can party and not burn down everything wit a riot!

  22. geauxsaints337 says:

    we gon put the nail in the coffin in miami

  23. LadyNewOrleans504 says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we goin to da superbowl baby!! WHO DAT!!!!!

  24. peppaboy9 says:


  25. ninewon says:

    DAMN D YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS DOWN THERE!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO sorry I didn’t get up and fight with the traffic to get down there!!!!! MAAAAAN! It brings a tear to my eye watching my city out there TOGETHER! It was truly going down!!! Oh but trust, I WILL be at the parade, know this! Fabulous video! Thanks!