Hello Saints Fans! This is a video of my walk from the Canal St. Ferry to Bourbon St. after the Saint's win against the Vikings on January 24, 2010. I used my iphone to shoot the video so the quality is not great. I also wish I would have filmed more. Without a doubt it was the most joyous I have ever seen the city. (or any city for that matter). Everyone was giving the nod, high fives, and screaming "Who Dat!" This video was over an hour after the game ended - and as you can see the insanity is going strong. You could hear the entire city ring out with car horns, fire works, and people in the street cheering. An epic night for New Orleans. I doubt many NFL teams have fans like the Saints - and I know no city in the world does it as special as NOLA. Needless to say, the feeling of "community unity" was special - and hard earned - for more reasons than one.

3 Responses to ““Saints Go All the Way” – SAINTS WIN NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!”

  1. barrysgrl74 says:

    isn’t it strange? for one brief moment nobody cared about the traffic? … or much of any thing? even new orlean’s finest turned a blind eye that nite.

  2. khobgood says:

    What a night that was… I’ll never forget!

  3. gumbo70124 says:

    Awesome- and I liked your comments! Geaux Saints!