Saints Intro for the Super Bowl.MOV

Intorduction of the Saints at the Super Bowl
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  1. ncgriffin3557 says:


  2. RMG1234567890 says:

    it was a historic night we Witnessed the greatest team in the NFL win their first Superbowl!!!
    February 7, 2010 Sunlife Stadium in Miami, Florida!!!

  3. XtremeGamer786 says:


  4. friend127 says:

    @emig504 sirius by the alan parsons project

  5. emig504 says:

    what song is playing while they run out?????????

  6. DarkGriffin070 says:

    @barrysgrl74 I agree with you on that part . WHO DAT

  7. DarkGriffin070 says:

    This is not your granddaddy’s saints! WHO DAT!

  8. barrysgrl74 says:

    @stryker1707 Maybe Mrs. Manning should have tought her boy some better southern manners. This is not a street brawl son, this is the Superbowl. You walk your ass over and put your hand out in congratulations…. I think that why my mother still thinks highly of Brett Favre. Funny how high manners are on ones list.

  9. barrysgrl74 says:

    It just seemed so unreal that night. Like it just wasn’t really the Saints out there…. but it was! Such a wierd feeling to know that finally, FINALLY, it was my team I was cheering for in the Super Bowl.

  10. LilBoyFresh313 says:

    Lol @ Darren Sharper’s comment: This is not your father’s New Orleans Saints

  11. TheLard57 says:

    I loved hearin them who dats loud as hell during the game. felt like it was in the dome.

  12. LSUfreak25 says:

    @lccs187 I feel so bad for people that didnt get to go. It was the best night of my life. Best event I’ve ever been too and i saw LSU win 2 national championships in person and Florida win one in 1996.

  13. peppaboy9 says:

    thats the chicago bull’s intro back in the day with M.J

  14. urpall says:

    Nevermind that guy on the bottom already listed it thanks

  15. urpall says:

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what the name of the song in the background is

  16. soccerkiddd1199 says:

    what is the song playing in the background

  17. jgp3553 says:

    Dude, where were you sitting? You had to be right where I was. I was halfway up section 146.

  18. xem1x says:

    Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project

  19. Bucknellbison says:

    Whats the song name?

  20. rrellison says:

    It was a magical night….Who Dat!

  21. lccs187 says:

    awesome video dude would have done anything to be there!

  22. stryker1707 says:

    The Saints Came marching in and kick Peyton’s ass, hahahaha, congrats who dat nation!!!!!!