Saints Mascots and others play kids in football

NFL Halftime entertainment is usually weak at best, but seeing a group of mascots playing pop warner kids in a game of tackle football was pretty worthwhile.

16 Responses to “Saints Mascots and others play kids in football”

  1. TiMMYSQUibbLES says:

    This is win!

  2. Dankidus says:

    this was great :)

  3. TheHighRoller473 says:

    Mike The Tiger!

  4. sputnic13 says:

    That was pretty cool. I bet those kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. Wonderful idea

  5. wfarocks says:

    Lmfao he tackles the ref at the end

  6. poopooman01 says:

    Gumbo should play more often!! He’s got some good moves!!!

  7. NgAMichael says:

    lol Sir Saint GO NEW ORLEANS

  8. snotrag684 says:

    hahaha damn! too bad u cant do that to the ref in a real game

  9. sabria0936 says:

    that is awesome… nice to see kids involved in something of that magnitude… I would have loved to play any kind of football on the dome field.

  10. blookah8 says:

    u vub

  11. kentuckyman21 says:

    this cracked me up

  12. bobbybobbychina says:

    wat was the score

  13. HuffmansProductions says:

    You won’t believe me, but i’m in this video. I’m the staff member that had to get the hat back from the kid; to put on mojo’s head.

  14. Whitehawkup says:

    they are kids. honestly…

  15. Jermsanity says:

    Whatsup with the Dolphin???

  16. MikeStanley4 says:

    Vikings won 2 games in the Superdome in 6 days =O(