Saints players dancing

Having a good ole time after scoring on their opening drive against the Buccaneers in Week 1 of 2008.

25 Responses to “Saints players dancing”

  1. kindofgoodatlife says:

    one guy bounced and clapped a lil bit. not really dancing

  2. ZS1productions says:

    this is what happens during the commercials

  3. InfamousMalice6 says:

    damn what kind of camera you use’n?..thats good quality

  4. shauniiiiboy says:

    gooo falcons 24-27 who dat? who cares hahahhahahahahaha

  5. ishotudead says:

    saints has more songs after them then any other team and i live in bogalusa its like right beside new orleans get crunk baby!

  6. robelicit says:

    w0ah don’t think i’ve seen this before…!!!… man that is so massively cool….i don’t think ANY other team has this kinda swagger+coolness, GEAUX.

  7. xHalfpipepaul says:

    @Whitehawkup My bad :)

  8. Whitehawkup says:

    @xHalfpipepaul Saints won this game. It was back in week 1 of 2008… I know, cause I was their.


    @Bbpenguin24 darren sharper fine as hellllllllll!!!!!!!!!

  10. kip506 says:


  11. saintsrcoming says:

    Who cares who lost to who Saints just won de Supabowl!!! Get Crunk Baby!!!

  12. xHalfpipepaul says:

    this is the game that the saints lost to the bucs lol

  13. Bbpenguin24 says:

    i know all the players
    Drew Brees
    Roman Harper
    Will Smith
    Pierre Thomas
    Jeremy Shockey
    Darren Sharper
    Jonathan Vilma
    Devery Henderson
    Garrett Hartley
    Margues Colston
    Reggie Bush
    Scott Fujita
    Robert Meachem

  14. Badassashleymarie says:

    I LOVE when they dance!

  15. blecron69gosaints69 says:


  16. Halessayshi says:

    Dats what i’m talking bout!!!!

  17. lonegundiva says:

    It’s called Crunk. DUH. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!! Shake that thang you sexy men!!!!

  18. mcleaner12 says:

    saints are gay thats the name

  19. mo10ish says:

    WOAH ilove them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. colinrusovic says:

    its called halftime.

  21. RandyMoss94 says:

    i think its halftime by the ying yang twins

  22. kemattingly1 says:

    what is the name of that song

  23. kemattingly1 says:

    what is the name of that song

  24. drkatnz93 says:

    i know all the players.
    Jo lonn Dunbar
    scott fujita
    josh bullocks
    marvin mitchell
    chris ries
    pierre thomas
    roman harper

  25. maccabiallstar says:

    pierre and jolonn are bamfs