Saints Reggie Bush returns punt for TD and Superdome goes wild!!!!!! saints vs cardinals

Reggie Bush returns a punt for a touchdown during the Saints and Cardinals playoff game and the crowd goes wild!!!!
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19 Responses to “Saints Reggie Bush returns punt for TD and Superdome goes wild!!!!!! saints vs cardinals”

  1. redspade62 says:

    not even go back to tennessee man reggie will smoke chris any day
    thumbs up if you agree

  2. littleaskater137 says:

    @caprenoctumEOL hahaha man reggie is the man but i bet chris johnson can do better

  3. SilverUmbreon89 says:

    @longonsd25 I agree with you and with @systemchky

    The TRUE Saints fans (like me) are the most loyal fans in the NFL. But after ’06, and the Super Bowl, everyone wants to pretend like they’ve “always” been a fan. I mean, the reason I was worried during the Vikings game was because of their history, which, unless you go to Louisiana, hardly any “fan” knows. You want to know the true fans, ask what happened in the 1980 season (not just the record), and who Aaron Brooks is, lol.

  4. benatator says:

    ok idk about loyal, cause you really didnt see the same support before brees and the rest of the team came there

  5. caprenoctumEOL says:

    He probably got the best sex of his life from Kim after that game.

  6. 89bteal says:

    @systemcky thats sour grapes from a bitch fan of a team we probably dominated..

  7. systemcky says:

    @longonsd25 then those fans came out of hiding.

  8. longonsd25 says:

    @systemcky Youre kidding right? Saints fans are by far the most loyal in the NFL. No other fan base would have supported this team the way we have through decades of ineptitude.

  9. systemcky says:

    Congrads Saints on being most bandwagon team of all time!

  10. LilCup11 says:

    i love that this video is from my seat in the superdome. My brother took this video while i sat farther back that night lol.

  11. Dankidus says:

    lol fail

  12. whoady4shoady says:

    nice. I was there also.

  13. thekidbatista says:

    i from louisiana

  14. williemetoyer23 says:

    damn they loud

  15. Crunkified2010 says:

    GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. waxelastik says:

    Awesome vid!!

  17. fladohado says:


  18. reggiebushfan25 says:

    bout to get that superbowl

  19. mattp868 says:

    great shot man!