Saints Season Tribute

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12 Responses to “Saints Season Tribute”

  1. johnbs199 says:

    awesome video cant wait till the 07-08 season

  2. justplaineasy17 says:

    third song is “this is the way we live” saints remix by baby boi

  3. BadLuckKennedys says:

    Next year were holding up that Superbowl trophy I know is

  4. brownchi says:

    wats the third song called?

  5. r3198 says:

    Have faith, our time will come

  6. SteveGlaviano says:

    On behalf of myself and all the others of us who ARE 60-yrs-old, married and divorced, and slightly senile, THANK YOU SAINTS!

  7. brock0405 says:

    where can i get a copy of the “this is the way we live” it kix azz

  8. hjtran says:


  9. vivamusone says:

    very cool thanks for the upload!!! SAINTS all D’way!!!

  10. wmorri8 says:

    great video. where did you get that version of of baby boy’s song?

  11. Hakim101 says:

    WHO DAT? WHO DAT GONE BEAT THEM SAINTS? What? the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship with a shot at a Super Bowl title? i thought i would be 60-yrs-old, married and divorced, and slightly senile before i’d be able to seriously say that. boy, when get the money i’m buyin me a Colston, McAllister, and a Brees jersy. then i’ll buy a Fred Thomas jersy then give it to my dog to piss on. He sucks.

  12. JKohnke43 says:

    Saints are awsome