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this is where I work!, Saints beating Colts Superbowl 44, I was mad cause I didn't want to work dat day, but then I realized that it was going to be fun be with the fans, then a mexican guy called "NACHO" loan me his camera! WHO DAT BABY!!!!!! EAT YOUR HEART OUT ESPN!!!!
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NFC Championship game. New Orleans Saints vs the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Celebrating and singing "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" after (I think it was) the second to last touchdown.
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  1. cynikal30 says:

    WHO DAT!?!?!

  2. hollywoodwerewolf says:

    Shockey earned his Superbowl ring this time. This play is the icing on the cake for him. That’s the reason why he gave a barbaric yawp after making that 6.

  3. saintsviahawaii says:

    Pure elation is what i felt after that pick. UNREAL

  4. 65x44 says:

    @ninjajesus81 …seriously, go and pluck your eye brows.

    Go Bears! (from Australia)

  5. ninjajesus81 says:

    @ChiBoompty All people care about is if “their” team wins. They don’t give a shit if it’s a good game if their team loses. That’s what’s stupid.

  6. ChiBoompty says:

    @ninjajesus81 People get excited about football because it’s a game of military precision and strategy, a test of wills and strength, and only the most popular sport in America. It’sīģŋ a welcome diversion from the daily pride-swallowing siege we call life, a day where we can feel the camaraderie of our fellow man for a few hours and feel uninhibited joy and passion for a shared interest. It’s modern-day gladiator battle, and it’s certainly no more stupid than trolling on YouTube.

  7. ninjajesus81 says:

    @davemanley1129 What I meant is they’re extending the importance past whatever importance it has for whatever reason it exists.

    Loyalty to your country isn’t automatically a good trait. That’s how wars start.

  8. davemanley1129 says:

    @ninjajesus81 Just to point out you are demeaning sports fans, mentally handicapped people, and those who are loyal to their country and somehow saying that all three of those combined are the formula for a football fan. “People put too much emphasis on the importance of it”, You realize by that statement that you are implying yourself the game has importance? Your logic is not only inconsistent, but it is also completely unfounded and based on another person’s prerogative to enjoy football.

  9. ninjajesus81 says:

    @davemanley1129 Yeah that makes them a retard. That’s definitely the right word to use. They’re singing songs about a group of grown men playing with a ball, hoping that their favorite team is better at playing with a ball than the others.

    The problem with sports is people put too much emphasis on the importance of it. It’s a game, it’s not important at all. The people who play the game are not important. They spent their whole lives playing games, why are they viewed as such important people?

  10. davemanley1129 says:

    @ninjajesus81 Of course not everyone loves football. That’s not the point. I’m just trying to understand why you are taking as much time as you are to post your cynical, recalcitrant and demeaning opinions. Is someone who supports their local team to the point of happily and unitedly singing their team’s fight song really a “patriotic retard”? Retard? Is that really the right word/label to use? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. ninjajesus81 says:

    @davemanley1129 Most people don’t like football. And a lot of those who claim they do, only care about football when it’s a team from their city. That’s not loving football, that’s just being a patriotic retard who just likes all things that are related to where they live.

  12. davemanley1129 says:

    @ninjajesus81 I’m guessing you’re either a small and spoiled child writing this ir a really immature and lonely adult writing this. Get a life. Every other American loves football.

  13. ninjajesus81 says:

    It’s so stupid that fucking adults get so excited about grown men playing with a ball.

  14. Gdayguy36 says:

    Bear down chicago bears, make every play clear the way to victory
    bear down chicago bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
    we’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation, with your T-formation.
    bear down chicago bears, let them know why your wearing the crown!
    You’re the pride and joy of Illinois.
    Chicago Bears! BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!

  15. Luckypigpen says:

    I always kind of wonder what fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Carolina, Titans, etc….. thinks when they see something like this. Go Bears !!!

  16. karankyb says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bears !!

  17. BelgiumUNRep says:

    @alex220296 good to hear!

  18. alex220296 says:

    @BelgiumUNRep Jup i know :) im a huge Bears fan 😀

  19. BelgiumUNRep says:

    @alex220296 it is actually the smallest nfl stadium

  20. alex220296 says:

    Holy fuck this is one big ass stadium:O

    The biggest one in norway is like 15 times smaller :(

  21. Titanboy123 says:

    Man talk about the nosebleeds…

  22. SuperBlackhawksfan88 says:


  23. Murderface80 says:

    only true fans know the song by heart

  24. ChinchillaSniper says:


  25. peacenlove92 says:

    he’s just mad cuz he wishes he was from Chicago 😛

  26. peacenlove92 says:

    lets gooo chicago bears!!!! 😀

  27. VikingsOwn18 says:

    @grayfoxx13 haha all big name players that go to chicago end up sucking

  28. grayfoxx13 says:

    We got your running back, and a better defensive end too! Have fun with Farve’s flip flopping hahahahahaha.