Saints vs. Seahawks: Worthless NFL Playoff Predictions (That Should Be Ignored)

It's NFL playoff time. It's time to lock up the children, forget about my worries and dive into a bucket of buffalo g. It also means it is time for me to once again deliver my worthless predictions for this week's games. I will repeat this often, do not gamble based on anything I tell you. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Sure I get lucky every now and then, but I do not want to be blamed for when you go broke betting on football and the next thing you know your wife leaves you for her co-worker you never liked, the one with the creepy mustache. You know who I'm talking about.

Instead, put the money onto something more useful like helping to feed an orphan or tickets to a Nic Cage movie (he certainly could use the cash). 


New Orleans at Seattle (+10.5, 45.5)

The Saints and Seahawks met five weeks ago in New Orleans. Both offenses were virtually unstoppable, but the difference in the game was the Saints' ability to put the pigskin into the end zone. Drew Brees threw for 382 yards and four touchdowns. Hasselback threw for 366 yards, but for only one touchdown. The Saints won, 34-19. The 15-point loss would constitute a tight game for this Seattle team. 

While the Seahawks have only won one game, they did go 5-3 at home. That's the good news. The bad news is the Seahawks beat only one team with a winning record (San Diego in Week 3). 

Typically, I would argue that Seattle needs to run the ball to win this game. I would be wasting my breath. The Seahawks can't run the ball, so why pretend to?

While the Saints are solid against the pass (fourth overall), they will be without safety Malcolm Jenkins. Hasselback could have some success passing again, especially if he can rediscover Mike Williams (who just signed a new three-year deal). The former NFL bust has caught 10+ balls three times and has the potential to create matchup nightmares for the Saints. 

For New Orleans, the trick is scoring early and shutting down the infamous 12th man in Seattle. With both Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas out, the Saints are going to throw often. I'd be shocked if Brees has fewer than 40 attempts. Look for Seattle to play it soft, trying to avoid the deep, quick strike. This should open things up for Reggie Bush and tight ends Jeremy Shockey, Jimmy Graham and David Thomas in the pass game. 

While it would be fun to see a 7-9 team advance in the postseason, at the very least to see all the talking heads explode, it's not going to happen. The Saints sort of reminded me of one of those NBA teams that didn't go full out in the regular season, but with the playoffs here, they're ready to start caring. I'm not saying that will get them back to the Super Bowl, but it will get them through Seattle. 


BETTERS GUIDE(LESS): Take the Saints minus the 10.5 and if you really need to bet your life away, I'd take the over. If anything I'm underestimating how much scoring the Seahawks will do. 

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