Saints whip the falcons ASS!!! 13 – 0 baby!!!

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25 Responses to “Saints whip the falcons ASS!!! 13 – 0 baby!!!”

  1. bstal247 says:

    Dumb ass saints fans dont even realize that they stole that chant from the bengals.

  2. Cowtoes1234123 says:

    superbowl bitch

  3. bautista69 says:


  4. X360ISAIAH says:


  5. gow0306 says:

    who dat! who dat! who dat said dey gon beat da saints! DA COWBOYS! dats who! lol hell of a game!

  6. xXMARTiANXx says:

    who dat who dat? COWBOYS JUST BEAT DEM SAINTS! haa

  7. gow0306 says:

    no vids for tonites game against the cowboys!?

  8. harveyduffy says:

    Whateva!!! LOL! I am still a FALCONS fan baby……..

  9. treyatl2006 says:

    No hate here… Dont get me wrong. The Saints are doing the damn thing this year. But of course my loyalty lies with the Falcons first and foremost. But other than that I rides with the Saints too. Its really a bittersweet!

  10. leo227227 says:

    now now don’t be jealous outgoing.

  11. dejuanptv says:

    realdef: haha…my bad, my saints players are just playing real well and if you didn’t know football is very popular in america. my team is on the verge of winning their first superbowl. don’t worry i’ll be making regular vids, but i’m a little preoccupied now. but i see you and i got you! my other channel is dejuanptv2. i may post over there later on:)

  12. moany504 says:

    teenagers 13-0 lol dat was funnny man

  13. RealDefentertainment says:

    whats good D? just wondering, are you only making videos about Football now? some of us are English and don`t even know any American football players

  14. itsTechJay says:

    13-0 BABY!!!

  15. dejuanptv says:

    Tqsuited: i don’t even remember what it was…lol I was in a happy zone dude. Wait til my next video.

  16. dejuanptv says:

    Redbeard: yeah couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I got an awesome deal on some tickets…jumped on it. Lol

  17. dejuanptv says:

    Joey: don’t worry we’ll see y’all on Saturday and put u to shAme like the last 2 teams did…lol decEmber just ain’t yalls year.

  18. dejuanptv says:

    That’s right calcity!!!

  19. dejuanptv says:

    Dave: u must be commenting only for attention. There you go…a reply

  20. dejuanptv says:

    Young: yeah man…they’re looking real good right now. But the pats looked the sAme wAy. Lol

  21. dejuanptv says:

    Trey: why u don’t wAnt us to rep out for the south?? We need to bring a superbowl to the dirty dirty…lol. Falcons fans was telling us to hold it down in the plAyoffs. No more time for hate. It is what it is dude…

  22. dejuanptv says:

    Sean: yeah man u should have saw us! Don’t worry when I make it back I’ll be starting on my ‘full’ saints/falkies video…like an hour long. Mostly he afterparty outside the dome…lol

  23. seand67 says:

    Dejuan P at the Georgia Dome….TOO MUCH!!!

  24. treyatl2006 says:

    Shadddup… lmao…. Why you got to rub it in our face. But you have to admit the Falcons gave yall a run for yall money.. SMFH… I was praying to fucking God that the Falcons would take yall undefeated tittle away…

  25. youngkingpin88 says:

    COLTS!!!! 13-0!!!!!