Saints win the SuperBowl! Bourbon Street View!

View from my balcony after the Saints win the Superbowl!!!! WHO DAT!
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21 Responses to “Saints win the SuperBowl! Bourbon Street View!”

  1. GenericUssername says:

    @357mag5 la dodger fans

  2. XtremeGamer786 says:

    I live in New York and im so happy when i go to New Orleans to visit my dads side of the family because i know im in Saints territory, but im very sad when i have to go back to New York

  3. gootenslog says:


    Love it!

  4. narcolepticsmurf13 says:

    i still get goosebumps when i think of how we actually won the superbowl. no other city backs their team the way new orleans does. hell, all of louisiana for that matter! i believe in you saints!! who dat??

  5. HJKmaniacs3 says:

    you know what COLTS mean? Count On Losing The Superbowl ;D

  6. HJKmaniacs3 says:

    i am so living there when i get older, i wish i was there when that happened, they KNOW how to have funn and be crazy. I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!! WHO DAT!?

  7. 357mag5 says:

    you will not and i mean WILL NOT find another city that backs their team as much as new orleans. this was crazy. i live on the mississippi coast and we heard these fools from there lol. WHO DAT!!

  8. cr0wnr0yal says:

    @BinkyRooney right on homie lol…u said it best pimp!!!!!…WHO DAT…n RIP BUDDY D.

  9. ellen1209 says:

    In New Orleans, they know how to do it right… good music and one big party – everyone invited!!!

  10. CPTMarine says:

    @hockeymonk1 hell yeah!!!

  11. hockeymonk1 says:

    New Orleans is a crazy place!

  12. BinkyRooney says:

    One of the most loyal Saints fans was Buddy Diliberto.

    Buddy was on TV but had a sports show on WWL Radio when he passed away.

    Buddy had joked….that when he passed away St Peter would let him pass through Gates of Heaven because as Buddy put it…….come on in Buddy, you have suffered enough….you are a Saints fan.

    If Buddy was able to speak to us from Heaven, he would tell us a story…..and it goes like this:

  13. BinkyRooney says:

    After the Saints won the NFC Buddy D went to St. Peter for help. But St. Peter told Buddy he had to see the MAN.

    So Buddy D went before the Lord and asked for some help. But the LORD told Buddy D….Sorry Buddy, the Colts are my children too.

    After the Saints won the Superbowl Buddy went before the Lord and said….thanks Lord for reconsidering. But the Lord looked down to Buddy and said…..dont thank me. The Saints and their fans did this all on their own because they CHOSE TO BELIEVE!

  14. ggiscoolyo52 says:

    im happy i could be in Louisiana..
    our 1st superbowl and we beat is Colts.
    cant get much better then this!
    and everyone everywhere
    thought we werent going to be able to do this.. and everyone said we got lucky going 13-0.. its not luck any more baby!!!!
    who dat!!

  15. taneaka says:

    I wouldve been there….lol but i had to go back to school after my conference..I was there that morning.

  16. genelle73 says:

    proud to live in the Happiest state in the U.S.A!

  17. HL2DM2010 says:

    1:55 WHO DAT!!!

  18. meaux1965 says:

    Those cars will be fine. Probably be decorated with a dozen empty “to-go” cups and some beads.

  19. dr3amgrrl says:

    Congrats Saints. You deserve it. First time to the superbowl and you stomped the cults. Way to go.

  20. briotron says:

    Awesome, this must be happiest place on earth right now (night of win)! See those parked cars? I wonder what will be left of them after tonight

  21. ghbuc2006 says:

    Epic. 😀 Absolutely awesome!