Saints/Abita Beer TV Commercial

Did you see this commercial during the game? I love it and the Saints and Abita Beer too!

7 Responses to “Saints/Abita Beer TV Commercial”

  1. zombidiot says:

    judging by the sky, i thought it was a purple haze commercial, oh well i fail lol

  2. StevenAtLiberty says:

    And Virginia…….

  3. StevenAtLiberty says:


  4. oswhiteboymc says:

    The best beer and the best team

  5. FreeTiresForLife says:

    Love Abita Beer…Wish they could send Strawberry Abita to Connecticut!

  6. btrfly701 says:

    i love this commercial!!!! go saints!!!! abita beer is the best. :)

  7. joezeppi says:

    I could’ve made one better.